UK: University Drops Sonnets Because They’re Too White

There is nothing left to liberate, so we’re just going ahead and destroying things that seem “too white.”

The question is: when are we going to get to cars, electricity, indoor plumbing, and the rest of the technology that the modern world relies on to function? Surely, there is nothing whiter than invention.

The College Fix:

The University of Salford, a public university in Greater Manchester, England, removed sonnets and other “pre-established literary forms” from a creative writing course assessment, The Telegraph reported.

Course leaders of a creative writing module titled “Writing Poetry in the Twenty-First Century,” removed an exam section that required students to write the traditional forms, including sestinas and sonnets, according to the newspaper.

The sonnet, a poetic form that likely originated in Italy in the 13th century, has been taken up by writers such as Petrarch, Shakespeare and John Donne, according to Britannica.

“The sonnet is unique among poetic forms in Western literature in that it has retained its appeal for major poets for five centuries,” the encyclopedia stated.

A University of Salford slideshow shared with staff stated that teachers have “simplified the assessment offering choice to write thematically rather than to fit into pre-established literary forms…which tend to the products of white western culture,” according to documents cited by The Telegraph.

The slideshow affirmed the change as an example of best practice in “decolonising the curriculum.” The Telegraph defined “decolonising” as “a term used to describe refocusing curricula away from historically dominant Western material and viewpoints.”

Instead, the course will incorporate “inclusive criteria” that better “reflect and cater for a diverse society,” according to internal training materials review by The Telegraph. The materials also showed that the courses could be upgraded by utilizing “a choice of assessment methods” allowing students to be tested “in a way that suits them.”

British historian: assuming sonnets alienate non-white students is ‘hugely patronising’

The Telegraph quoted Oxford-trained historian Zareer Masani’s statement that the course overhaul was “outrageous.”

“It is hugely patronising to assume non-White students would be put off by Western poetic forms,” he said. “Poetic forms vary widely across the world, but good poetry is universal.”


Scott Thurston, leader of the creative writing program at Salford, said the course was “often updated to take account of new trends and development in contemporary writing,” according to The Telegraph.

To the idea of tearing down technology because it is too white – they’ve already begun attacking the science that is the foundation of technology, including math.

I don’t know how blacks in the United States could survive without modern conveniences. The overwhelming majority of them – and all of the ones attacking us for the Jews – literally can’t do anything but have sex, commit crimes, and whine.

Blacks literally can’t cook their own food. They use microwaves at best, but they mostly just eat fast food.

What are they going to do when the machines fail?

I know what I’m going to do – I’m already basically Burt Reynolds.