UK: Traumatized Syrian Child Attacks Two Students with Broken Bottle

Ahmed Karadi.

The sight of Animal Assad gassing his own people to death in fake shower rooms really messed these poor refugees up.

Leicestershire Live:

Two university students were slashed in a “random attack” by a man who was armed with the jagged neck of a broken bottle in Leicester city centre.

One of the victims sustained a deep V-shaped gash needing 28 stitches, leaving a visible facial scar.

The other suffered a cut near his left eye and had the front of his jacket slashed.

The assailant, 30-year-old Ahmed Karadi, pleaded guilty at Leicester Crown Court to wounding both undergraduates who had been enjoying a night out, in the early hours of Tuesday, November 27.

Paul Prior, prosecuting, said the two students had been on a night out with friends and were in the Clock Tower area at 3am when the defendant approached them.

He added: “He (falsely) said he was from Morocco and had wounds on his arm – and showed them some cuts.

“They were concerned by his odd behaviour.”

He swore at them and they told him to ‘go away’ and went to sit on some nearby benches.

Mr Prior added: “The defendant then picked up a clear glass bottle and smashed it on the ground before approaching the group with the bottle.

“They moved off along High Street and the defendant then put his hood up whilst walking after them past McDonald’s restaurant.”

Still armed with the broken bottle, Karadi set about attacking the students.

One suffered a deep V-shaped cut to his face and a cut lip.

Mr Prior said the second victim had avoided potentially “catastrophic consequences.”

He had a “big slash across the chest of his jacket” measuring a number of inches and a cut to his left cheek, that received hospital attention but did not require stitches.

The defendant’s barrister, Imran Majid, told the court that a psychiatric report revealed Karadi, from war-torn Syria, had been suffering from post traumatic stress disorder with paranoia and nightmares relating to “what he witnessed” in that country.