UK: Trannies Get University Feminist Group Banned for Recommending Books with Wrongthink

People always blame the Jews for everything, and that’s fine and all, but the fact is: women are the standing army of the Jews in their culture war.

Jews might have invented all of this moronic gibberish like global warming, the coronavirus, and trannies, but the people enforcing these debilitating social policies are all women. There are a few homosexual pedophiles and colored people also supporting the Jews, but without women, none of this would have been possible.

Women seem to be legitimately shocked that they’re being rolled over by trannies. I saw a clip of some stupid bitch who lost her swimming competition being interviewed by Tucker Carlson. I wouldn’t ever watch that interview, but he did a clips show on Monday. This was just your standard stupid entitled bitch who was whining about losing her entitlement to do some bullshit sports competition that no one cares about. Women’s sports is such a stupid concept.

The feminist groups getting silenced is even funnier than women losing at sports, however.

The Times:

Swansea University has been accused of “telling women to shut up” after its feminist society was closed down for apparently making book recommendations that upset trans activists.

Staff and women’s rights groups said it was shameful that students would have no women-only group when they began the new academic year, after the Feminist Society was quietly removed from university directories over the summer.

Abby Claron, the outgoing president of the society, said it had been “purged” by trans activists, as punishment for openly supporting women’s sex-based rights on Instagram.

Abby Claron used to be a badass woman, but then she met men in dresses

The Students’ Union, which manages the university societies, insisted that the society was “dormant” because of a technicality relating to the election of its committee.

However, Claron denied the claim, saying that it was being used as an excuse to ban a society that did not conform with student activists’ beliefs on transgender rights.

She and other members of the group had been vilified online by activists for recommending books such as Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality by the journalist Helen Joyce and for expressing support for Kathleen Stock, the philosophy professor bullied for her views at Sussex University. Other “hateful” posts also called for her to be expelled from her university course.

The Students’ Union confirmed that an investigation was taking place into a secret complaint against the Feminist Society.

Claron, who has since graduated, said: “The behaviour of the Students’ Union towards us this year has been appalling, and if I hadn’t been in my final year, with otherwise very little to lose, I would have definitely felt coerced and threatened by the Students’ Union, especially their so-called investigation.”

This year Swansea University was placed 26th, its highest ranking yet, in the lobby group’s list of its 100 favourite employers.

The staff member said: “The university has effectively told women to shut up . . . a lot of staff members have been quietly whispering among themselves about how we have been captured by Stonewall.”

Cathy Larkman, of the Welsh branch of the Women’s Rights Network, said: “As an observer, you’d be quite entitled to suspect that the Students’ Union has taken whatever steps it could for women who believe in sex-based rights to be silenced.”

In a statement Esyllt Rosser, president of the Students’ Union, said: “All societies are expected to elect their committees through a fair and transparent democratic process. The Feminist Society were unable to form an elected committee following the 2022-23 elections and, as a result, the society was deemed dormant until a committee can be elected. The complaint refers to a separate issue of transphobia allegations made against individuals within the Feminist Society. This investigation is ongoing.”

Trannies are so awesome.

They are just totally wrecking women, everywhere, and women can’t even process what is happening to them.

Here’s what’s happening, you stupid bitch: you sold us out to the Jews, now the Jews have sold you out.

It’s so over.