UK: Schools Will Teach Children as Young as 6 How to Masturbate in a Proper Manner

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 22, 2019

Schools in the United Kingdom are starting to focus on the kind of knowledge that really matters.

Daily Mail:

Children as young as six are being taught about touching or ‘stimulating’ their own genitals as part of classes that will become compulsory in hundreds of primary schools.

All About Me is being rolled out across 241 primaries by Warwickshire County Council and could be adopted by other local authorities next year as part of the Government’s overhaul of Relationship and Sex Education (RSE).

Even politicians who had supported the RSE legislation expressed concern. Tory MP David Davies said: ‘I and many other parents would be furious at completely inappropriate sexual matters being taught to children as young as six. These classes go way beyond the guidance the Government is producing and are effectively sexualising very young children.’

Documents obtained by The Mail on Sunday detail how All About Me classes involve pupils aged between six and ten being told by teachers that there are ‘rules about touching yourself’. An explanation of ‘rules about self-stimulation’ appears in the scheme’s Year Two lesson plan for six and seven-year-olds.

Under a section called Touching Myself, teachers are advised to tell children that ‘lots of people like to tickle or stroke themselves as it might feel nice’. They are also instructed to inform youngsters that this may include touching their ‘private parts’ and, that while some people may say this behaviour is ‘dirty’, it is in fact ‘very normal’.

However, the youngsters are warned it is ‘not polite’ to touch themselves in public – it is an activity they should do when alone in the bath, shower or in bed.

In the same lesson, children are given scenarios which they must judge to be ‘OK’ or ‘not OK’.

In one, pupils are told that when a girl called Autumn ‘has a bath and is alone she likes to touch herself between her legs. It feels nice’.

At this point, teachers are advised to remind the students of the ‘rules about self-stimulation’.

The guidance on touching is repeated in lesson plans for Years Four and Five, involving pupils aged eight to ten.

Parents at Coten End Primary School in Warwick met sex education consultant Jonny Hunt, one of the architects of the All About Me scheme, in June and raised concerns about some of its content.

Asked why ‘self-stimulation’ appeared in the Year Five lesson plans and why it was not in the non-compulsory sex education element of the programme, he said: ‘Actually we refer to self-stimulation or self-soothing throughout the programme in earlier years as well. This is not sex education but actually information around safe and appropriate touching. However uncomfortable adults may find it, children of all ages will self-stimulate from time to time. They may do this when anxious or simply because it feels nice.’

Yes, goyim. However uncomfortable parents may find it, children of all ages are sexual beings and as such, they are entitled to receive practical education about sex from the experts.

This will help them Find Themselves.

People who oppose this are just insecure about their own sexuality and can’t handle strong and independent kids who are sexually empowered.

Just as men have been keeping women down with their glass ceiling thing, all of us are guilty of keeping children down with an even bigger glass ceiling-type of thing that represses their genitals and denies them the pleasure that’s rightfully theirs — for no reason whatsoever other than pure hatred for the size of the genitals!

Piers Shepherd, of the Family Education Trust, said RSE guidance was too vague. He added: ‘It is even more concerning that parents may be denied the opportunity to withdraw their children from these lessons if the school brands them as relationship education classes rather than as sex education.’

Warwickshire County Council said the lessons were ‘tailored to the age and development level of the children’, adding: ‘While some of the material may be sensitive for some, we believe it is important for children… to get clear and consistent information about this important, but often overlooked subject.’

Women being put in positions of authority over children eventually results in gay men sneaking their way into those positions of authority too, which in turn results in a perverse feedback loop of pure degeneration.

Having men teaching children at schools may not be a solution either. Men could be doing more productive stuff with their time and only check on kids and teach them something from time to time. After all, someone has to write the books and source materials for these kids to learn from.

An improvement over the current situation would be to have robots or AI replace female teachers, but the actual problem is that these modern schools are doing what modern schools were designed for: implanting slave-thoughts and slave-behaviors into the next generation of goyim slave-workers.