UK Says They’re Running Out of Money to Send to the Ukraine

On some level, you’ve gotta give the Jews credit for milking the West for all of this money. There was never any possible chance the Ukraine was going to win a war against Russia. That was always about as plausible as Mexico winning a war against the US.

These oligarchs are just keeping this money. I can’t imagine that even 20% of it is being used for legitimate purposes. The territorial units in the Ukraine post videos on Telegram where they’re driving into the war in like, old Ladas from the 80s.

They’re cute cars, but they’re not really war machines.

(I’m not going to go find the clips, but there are like 100s of them. They get deleted from Twitter like every other material from this war, because literally nothing about the claims of the Western government/media lines up with reality, so just anything from the war at all gets deleted.)

Zelensky literally won’t put up the cash for the main fighting force’s Toyotas. This money is all just getting disappeared to black holes in the Caribbean and Israel, and then these Jews just keep going out there and demanding more and more money, to the point where the UK is saying they just don’t have any more money to give.


The UK’s financial support for Ukraine’s military will run dry by the end of the year, a Defense Ministry source has told the Sunday Times. London has already given Kiev more than £2.3 billion ($2.7 billion) in military aid, but whoever leads the country next will have to deal with strained public finances and declining public enthusiasm for a protracted conflict.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Kiev last week, where he announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine worth £54 million ($63 million), on top of the £2.3 billion committed by the UK since Russia’s military operation began in February. Johnson promised to support Kiev’s military for “however long it takes,” and his likely successor, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, is known for her even more hawkish stance toward Russia.

“The reality, as one Ministry of Defence source acknowledged, is that the UK’s financial contribution to the war effort will have dried up by the end of the year,” the Sunday Times article noted.

“This means that the new prime minister will very soon face the question of whether to commit billions of pounds of additional support at a time when the public finances are under intense strain.”

I think even the UK is getting tired of this war on Russia. Mainland Europe definitely is. We’re going into the cold months now. You want to say “people won’t tolerate freezing to death,” but they won’t really have any choice but to tolerate it, because we live in a democracy where the people have no ability to petition grievances to the government. You just have to suffer. It’s not like a dictatorship, where you can complain. They can just do whatever they want to you.

But what it looks like is that powerful people in Europe are getting sick of this nonsense, just like we see people in Silicon Valley getting sick of this nonsense. I don’t know the details. But with Jeff Bezos and now even Mark Zuckerberg attacking the Biden Administration, it’s clear that aside from the usual suspects, money people are not happy with the current state of the world. So you are seeing these Euro governments come out with like “well guys, I don’t know about all this…”

(By the way, RT used an link to that Times article to bypass the hard paywall. That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen since the Sam Hyde fight.)