UK: Retail Chain Removes Conservative Mag After One (1) Single Complaint

You just can’t even say anything at all anymore.

Censorship in America and the West generally is basically worse than it was in the USSR – at least post-WWII USSR. Under communism, you obviously can’t criticize the government, but you’re at least allowed to publish material about various social issues and have some kind of back and forth.

For a modern comparison, just look at China. China is anti-feminist and anti-homosexual, and they do censor some pro-feminist and pro-homosexual content, but not nearly to the extent that the West censors anti-feminist and anti-homosexual content. You’re at least allowed to discuss the issues on social media in China without having your life ruined.

The West treats criticizing women or homosexuals the same way that communist countries treated criticizing the government.


A conservative journal has been taken off the shelves in British retailer WH Smith after a single complaint was filed by a customer seemingly offended by its content, it has emerged.

The latest edition of the European Conservative, an English-language quarterly journal of philosophy, politics, and culture, featured a cartoon that satirized what it perceives to be the overenthusiastic teaching of LGBT content in schools and included a separate interview with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

In a post on the social networking platform, Instagram, the offended customer purported to be “shocked” at what they described as “fascist filth” being sold in a mainstream British retailer.

The person’s partner chimed in, insisting that they believe “we could all be more open to engaging respectfully with people we disagree with,” before calling on consumers to “consider boycotting” WH Smith until the retailer stops selling the offending magazine.

The customer, Alexi Kaye Campbell, posted a screenshot of an email exchange between himself and the chain on Saturday, in which the store confirmed it had “taken the decision to remove (the publication) from sale while we are in discussion with the publisher.”

Campbell praised the store for “making the ethical choice… Hatred won’t pass,” he added.

In a tweet on Sunday, the European Conservative confirmed that WH Smith had yet to contact them about the incident and the subsequent censorship of its content.

For the record, “European Conservative” is on par with the National Review. It’s just that the UK doesn’t need a fake opposition, because the “conservative” party in the UK already agrees with mass immigration, trannies, war, and every other social agenda the left is pushing. In Britain, the left is probably actually better than the right, because at least they’re against war, even if they are communists. The “conservative” UK party is pretty much exactly the same as the American Democrat Party.

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