UK: Primary Schools Get Book Showing “Sliding Scale” Between Male and Female

The most important thing we can teach our children is that there are all kinds of different things they can shove up their anuses, and all kinds of different ways they can mutilate their bodies.

This is who we are in a rules-based order of values.

Daily Express:

Over 800 schools across Britain were sent a copy of “What does LGBT+ Mean?” In the document, a claim is made suggesting a doctor or nurse “looked at our body and gave us a label based on what they could see”. The leaflet was written by diversity campaigners, and includes a section on “gender as a spectrum.”

Co-authored by a mother and her son, the paper says: “Some people find it useful to think of gender as a sliding scale between male and female.”

The scale is shown with labels in between male and female, including mostly female, partly female, both or neither, partly male and mostly male.

Critics of the brochure find the idea of creating a sliding scale ridiculous.

Helen Joyce, from the advocacy group Sex Matters, said: “Nobody is assigned a sex.

“I’ve given birth twice and both times I knew what sex the baby was at 20 weeks.

“It’s just absurd.”

Speaking to The Times, Ms Joyce ended: “How did we get to a place where teachers feel they can sit and say to primary children, ‘Some people feel male, some feel female, some feel both and some feel neither’?”

The book was first published in October and is being described as an educational tool for children aged between 8 and 11.

Its author is Olly Pike, director of the LGBT+ educational resource Pop’n’Olly; Mel Lane, a diversity campaigner; and her son, James Canning.

The book states: “People feel happier and included when their pronouns are respected.”

It also includes definitions of those who identify as transgender, nonbinary and intersex.

On pronouns, it adds: “We can’t just assume pronouns.

“If you are not sure about another person’s pronouns, it is OK to politely ask.”

The book also includes information on LGB flags, as well as suggestions for activities children can take part in to learn further.

Data provided on the Pop’n’Olly website shows that the book has been donated to at least 814 primary schools.

When asked how widely it was being read by teachers, Mr Pike said: “Teachers have expressed interest, thanks and gratitude towards this book.

“It’s helping the teachers as much as students.”

An education source said: “Britain is one of the most tolerant countries in the world, but it’s neither constructive nor appropriate to be concerning young children with culture war issues. We should let kids be kids.”

A Department for Education spokesman said: “Schools must comply with the relationship, sex and health education (RSHE) curriculum guidance, using materials that are factually accurate and age-appropriate.”

People don’t seem to know that all these organizations exist.

Well, they do exist, and they’re in every country.

They even have this stuff all the way in Donetsk, which is the newest frontier of this anus empire.

Or, it was.

If you think this isn’t happening in your local school because you voted Republican, you need to listen to me and go check.