UK: Mother Hits Back at Critics Who Say Her Son was Too Young to be Transgender at 3

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 23, 2019

“Luna” with his mother.

Do you have motherly instincts? Do you have Menstrual Wisdom?


Then don’t question the decisions of this woman.

Daily Mail:

A mother of one of Britain’s youngest transgender children has revealed the ‘grieving process’ of the journey but says she now has a ‘happy, confident daughter’.

Luna Schofield has identified as a girl since the age of three and her mother Jeneen, from Liverpool, has supported her throughout the journey.

Luna, who was born biologically male, asked to be a girl for every Christmas and birthday present growing up and last year her wish came true when, at the age of seven, her name was changed by deed poll.

She wears a skirt to school and even has a new passport, confirming her as one of Britain’s youngest transgender children.

His poor classmates are forced to see him wearing a skirt and acting like a faggot at an age where secondary sex characteristics have yet to appear. Prepubescent transgenders are more like their chosen gender than the ones that went through puberty.

Whether this could distort the kids’ image of gender and sex is something we could speculate about, but if I had to guess I’d say that there is a non-zero chance that exposure to prepubescent transgenders increases the likelihood of prepubescent kids getting poked by the Gender Unicorn’s horn.

Jeneen, an NHS worker, told the Sunday Mirror: ‘My family felt she was too young to make the decision to be a girl, but I didn’t want to tell her how she felt and knew this wasn’t going away.’

She explained how Luna would enjoy dressing up as a girl and shunned clothes and activities traditionally associated with boys, preferring to play with dolls.

Her family would dress her up in Liverpool football shirts but she preferred dressing up as a princess.

If I was a bigot, I’d probably wonder where those girls’ clothes came from and who gave him those dolls. Does this boy have sisters or did the mother buy these things to “let him choose” or something?

The mother said online resources helped her understand Luna could live a happy and fulfilled life as a trans girl.

Top doctors including TV’s Dr Raj Persaud have advised against assigning the transgender label before puberty but Jeneen said she couldn’t let Luna live a lie.

Pretending a boy can somehow “transition” into becoming a girl is not living a lie, but treating a boy like a boy is living a lie.

Wise Clitoral Wisdom is Wise.

At Liverpool Pride in 2016, Jeneen met a family with a happy trans daughter only a year older than Luna who wore girls’ clothes every day.

This persuaded the mother to let Luna wear the clothes she had been wanting to all the time.

But this led to an argument with Jeneen’s mother, Luna’s grandmother, who said she wouldn’t take her out in girls’ clothes.

At least the grandmother tried.

“Luna” with his grandmother and mother.

Too bad she didn’t try harder.

Jeneen said the ‘grieving’ process has been difficult, particularly when she sees old photographs of Luna, but therapy has helped her come to terms with the transition.

The NHS worker acknowledges a big decision will have to be made about whether Luna takes puberty blockers in a few years, but says it will be her decision alone.

Yeah, just let the brainwashed kid decide whether or not to take puberty blockers and whether or not to let doctors cut off his testicles and penis.

Also let him decide whether or not to let other adults do other stuff with his genitals. If he’s old enough to consent to having his genitals removed, he’s old enough to consent to having faggots fondle his genitals.

Kids either have genital sovereignty or they don’t.