UK: London Police Arrest Five Bongs for Burning Grenfell Tower Effigy

Something terrible happened in the United Kingdom last year.

Grenfell Tower, a residential tower block in inner London, realized he was suffering from a serious case of intestinal parasites.

Somali cannibals, Moslem rapists, African shamen… every monkoid within 25 miles of North Kensington had chosen to live inside poor Grenfell, and the physical pain of accommodating them – not to mention the smell – was driving him bananas.

Believing his condition to be irreversible, Grenfell decided that he’d had enough. On the 17th of June 2017, he committed an act of architectural seppuku, consuming himself – and all the darkies within – in a cleansing fire.

He was 44 years old.

Fast forward to the present, and Grenfell’s memory continues to be besmirched. Not by the patriotic citizens who light effigies in his honor, but by the British police who prosecute them for doing so!

Daily Mail:

Police have been searching the house that hosted the sick bonfire party as sobbing family of one of the five men arrested for burning an effigy of Grenfell Tower told MailOnline today they fear for their lives.

Bobbi Connell, 19, is understood to have handed himself in to police with his father Cliff, 49, who hosted the shocking bonfire party at his home in South Norwood, south London.

The five suspects, aged 19, 46, 49, 49 and 55, have all been arrested on suspicion of a public order offence.

Detectives will consider if they can also be put in the dock for hate crimes and if the men could be prosecuted under the Communications Act 2003.

Bobbi’s grandfather David Connell told MailOnline: ‘It’s an appalling thing to do given the tragic loss of life. It’s in dreadfully bad taste and utterly shocking and I don’t condone it at all. I don’t know what they were thinking.’

The Guy Fawkes revellers have caused revulsion having laughed as they burned a home-made Grenfell Tower effigy, complete with screaming victims at its windows.

The location of the bonfire. Note that the suspects own an English flag, a crime that carries a maximum sentence of 65 years.

A quintessentially British policeman removing hate items from the house.

The actions of the police don’t surprise me. To them, cardboard cutouts of Pakis have far more human rights than actual British people.

What did surprise me, though, was the white grandfather supporting the colored invaders at the expense of his own grandson. I expect that kind of intergenerational backstabbing from American boomers, but European ones tend to be more conservative than their progeny (British boomers were the leading supporters of Brexit).

For this man to have lived through inner London’s transformation from cultural powerhouse to Third World slum and still side with the invaders… it beggars belief.

On a more positive note, the goyim are reaching levels of restlessness than shouldn’t even be possible: