UK: Greatest Strength Riots from Leicester Spread to Birmingham

Many racists believe that diversity is not our greatest strength, because diversity leads to so many social problems, which always culminate in violence.

However, race riots make us stronger, because whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. When they say “diversity is our greatest strength,” what they mean to say is that racial violence will make you stronger – as long as you don’t die.

The Sun:

A 200-strong masked mob protested at a Hindu temple as ­tensions flared again in the Midlands.

Fireworks and missiles were hurled at cops, cars damaged and a man held on suspicion of possessing a knife.

A controversial speaker had been due at the temple in Smethwick, Birmingham, after days of clashes 34 miles away in Leicester.

Last night community sources said violence in the two cities had been sparked by growing divides between Hindus and Muslims in a small section of the Indian population.

And they said it mirrored politically fuelled trouble in India.

One source said: “There have been clashes recently between Hindus and Muslims in India’s Daman and Diu region, a stronghold of PM Narendra Modi’s ruling nationalist BJP party.

“Some hatred has been exported to the UK.

“It’s not as simple as some are saying, that it’s a Hindu against Muslim situation. There’s a lot of other political issues in play.”

Cops have said social media has helped fuel the simmering tensions, with false claims of kidnaps and mosque attacks.

Yeah, someone is posting fake news on social media for the purpose of inciting these people. This then leads to the media being able to claim that free speech is the root problem.