UK: Government Bans Dating Ads Appealing to “Lonely Ukrainian Women”

There is a strict rule that nothing about the war against Russia is allowed to benefit anyone in the West in any way at all. This is strictly about “our values of who we are in a democracy rules-based order.”

Therefore, men are absolutely, under no circumstances, allowed to pick up young Ukraine skanks who weigh about a third as much as their British counterparts.

British men must necessarily only date fat, tattooed, belligerent, drunken, British slags. All the young and attractive British girls have to go be drug-addicted hookers in the Paki gangs, and the Ukrainian women, well – they’re probably going to have to join the Pakis as well.


The UK’s advertising regulator has banned online dating ads offering the chance to meet “lonely Ukrainian women” for being offensive. In a statement published on Wednesday, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) addressed three ads for online dating service SofiaDate, seen in May 2022.

The first one, which appeared on the Dorset Echo’s website, featured the image of a woman on a balcony with the text: “Ukranian [sic] Women. Meet Thousands of Lonely Ukrainian Women. Forget About Loneliness. Let Yourself be Happy.” 

The second ad, seen on the website of Scottish newspaper The National, had the same image with a different text: “Ukranian [sic] Women. Connecting Singles Across the World to Their Ideal Partner.” The third, also on The National’s site, showed a woman in front of a sunset with the text: “Ukranian [sic] Women …”

The complainants, “who felt the ads were inappropriate” amid the ongoing Ukraine conflict, challenged whether they were offensive, ASA said, adding that Astrasoft Projects Ltd., which trades as SofiaDate, has since removed the ads.

The watchdog ruled that the focus on Ukrainian women dressed “in the aforementioned manner,” as well as the references to their loneliness, highlighted their vulnerability and connected it “to their sexual appeal.”

“For that reason, we concluded the ads were likely to cause serious offence,” ASA said, ruling that the ads “must not appear again in the form complained of,” and issued a warning to SofiaDate.

Vulnerability is a core element of sex appeal, according to biology. One of the top reasons that men will put up with women’s shit is that they feel they need to protect them. Outlawing people from associating vulnerability with male sexuality is… well, it’s on par with everything else that’s going on these days.

But this is a government run by women. They will do everything to hurt men, in outrageous ways, then they will punish them for having been hurt.

The government will ban you from trying to meet any woman who isn’t a fat, old, loud slob – then they will make it illegal to be an incel, and claim that if you’re not having sex with disgusting fat women, you’re probably planning terrorism.

It’s literally:

Government: Have sex, or you are going to jail.

You: Well, can I at least have sex with attractive women?

Government: No.

This is the bizarre tyranny of women in control.

And there are even worse things.

They hate boys and men, and they want to destroy all of us.

This isn’t even limited only to white people. Look at what black mamas do to their sons.

Women are a source of total evil.

But hey – you’ve got lots of drugs and video games, so I guess you’ll just tolerate it until you die.

I heard the Final Fantasy VII Remake is straight up fire.

But no.

I’ll just keep playing Gloomhaven…

mfw paying $18.99 for the Gloomhaven “DLC” that is really just the second half of the game.