UK: Climate Cultists Block Dairy Aisle Across Multiple Cities

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Activists from Animal Rebellion have staged sit-down protests in dairy aisles of high-end supermarkets across the country.

Demonstrators calling for a transition to completely plant-based food production say the Government is turning a blind eye to ‘climate, ecological and moral crises’.

The group has vowed to heavily disrupt the supply of dairy ‘day after day’ during September, branding the industry ‘cruel and destructive’.

They held signs reading ‘Plant-Based Future’ and ‘Rewild our Land’ as they attempt to stop shoppers from buying milk.

Animal Rebellion members entered a Whole Foods in London, and Marks & Spencer’s stores in Southampton, Birmingham, and Manchester.

It comes after supporters of the group emptied out milk onto the floor of Harrods in July in protest against the dairy industry.

The month before, the group stormed the racecourse during the Epsom Derby calling for an end to the ‘cruelty and harm the horseracing industry represents’.

The group have been behind a series of similar eye-catching stunts, including spraying a fishing organisation’s headquarters blood red earlier this year.

Taking part in the Marks & Spencer protest in Manchester, a protester named Max said: ‘This is not how I want to spend my weekend, but as the Government is failing to respond to our climate, ecological and moral crises, I no longer feel I have a choice.

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‘Earlier this summer more than 60 homes and businesses burnt down when Britain faced record-breaking temperatures and now one-third of Pakistan is underwater from extreme climate-induced flooding.

‘A plant-based future is imperative to significantly reduce our environmental impact and free up vast amounts of land that could be returned to nature, reversing the sixth mass extinction event we find ourselves in and extracting harmful emissions out of the atmosphere.

‘There has never been a more important time to make people aware of the link between animal farming and fishing and its destructive impact on our environment.’

Robert Gordon, who occupied the dairy section of a Whole Foods store near Soho, London, said: ‘Animal farming and fishing are leading causes of our climate and ecological crises.

‘Supermarkets like Whole Foods claim to be environmentally conscious, yet they continue to stock from the destructive meat, fish, and dairy industries.

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