U Go Gurl – Do Ur Thang

Okay, Hillary. Now post the photos of you making out with a random man at a club, and the pics of naked women making out at a coke party in your Secretary of State office.

I just can’t even.

Sanna Marin was on video with her friends talking about doing cocaine, she was making out with a guy who was not her husband, and she had topless girls making out with each other at a party at the presidential residence.

Women going out there and saying this is good proves that every single thing I’ve ever said about women is true.

The above Hillary Clinton tweet, and Marin’s response, sum everything up completely.

This isn’t some big joke. In between coke-fueled sex parties, Sanna Marin is in the process of starting a war with Russia.

At this point, Russia could just drop leaflets promising to make a man the leader of the country, and 90% of Finnish men would back them invading.