Twitter Mass Bans Indians for Supporting Russia

Yesterday, I wrote:

You can go through and read Indian Twitter accounts. All the prominent ones are in English. They are taking a unified line on this, to the point where they’re going to start banning them from social media.

And today.


A number of allegedly “pro-Russian” Twitter accounts in India have been suspended for apparent “coordinated inauthentic behavior” after posting messages supportive of Moscow’s military offensive in Ukraine, the New York Times has reported.

Twitter suspended more than 100 users following research published by Marc Owen Jones at Qatar’s Hamad bin Khalifa University and Graham Brookie of the Atlantic Council’s digital forensic research lab.

The pro-NATO lobby group is funded by the US and British governments, as well as a number of Ukrainian oligarchs. 

The Times itself admitted, however, that “there was no hard evidence [the accounts] are part of a coordinated influence campaign aimed at shifting sentiment about the war” in Ukraine. The paper also pointed out that India’s government has maintained a neutral policy toward the war thus far – and a Twitter spokeswoman claimed the company was still investigating.

The platform acknowledged in a recent blog post that it has deleted 75,000 accounts for violation of its “platform manipulation and spam policy” since the war in Ukraine began. Those accounts are not thought to “represent a specific, coordinated campaign associated with a government actor.”

Jones highlighted alleged “suspicious behavior” among those Indian accounts promoting the Russian government’s view on the war, including accounts using stock photos in profiles and gaining plentiful likes and retweets despite few followers. The profiles had also used the #IStandWithPutin hashtag.

Accusing India of being a Russian spam farm is really wild and wacky.

As I said yesterday – all you have to do is watch Indian TV.

It’s actually really fun, and people should be watching Indian TV anyway. It’s totally nuts. They just bring anyone on and let them say anything.

Arnab Goswami is the country’s most popular host. His show is a blast. Since I’ve started watching Indian TV, I’ve started to like Indians more, and started thinking that like Mexico, they’re sending their worst people to America, which has given me a bad impression of them.

Here is Arnab’s show from Wednesday night.

There is a lot of repeated footage and weird graphics in-between segments. A sort of hilarious debate on the recent political crisis in Pakistan starts at 10 minutes.

The Pakistan debate was funny, as he brought on these people representing different Pakistani parties, one side he ostensibly agreed with, then he started yelling at all the Pakistanis, and the Pakistanis who ostensibly disagreed with him teamed up with their enemies against him.

The Russia thing starts at 1:08.

Here are some screenshots from the Russian debate:

The Russians kept laughing at the Americans who were repeating claims of Russians running out of gas.

Arnab was trying to be neutral and saying that Russia should have pulled back more after the Istanbul talks, but then he just started attacking the Americans and siding the Russians again, saying America invades every country and is running secret military operations in Africa constantly. “Who are you to talk about Russia, Mr. American?”

Here’s a clip from Tuesday of Arnab going off on Americans.

Arnab is a BJP supporter/shill, so it’s basically the government line being presented. Although the show is such a crazy mess that I’m not sure the narrative is totally coherent. Anyway, it’s usually in English, though if there are no foreigners (other than Pakistanis) on, they sometimes break down into Hindi/Urdu.

Anyway, it’s pretty fun to watch I think, and it also gives a clear picture of mainstream India, which is extremely anti-American right now and pro-Russian, while also being anti-Chinese.

Point being: if you watch the mainstream Indian media, it is definitely crazy to then claim that Indian Twitter accounts are bot farms from Russia. India literally supports Russia now, and appears to be on the verge of distancing itself completely from America, due to the threats coming at them from the Jake Sullivan Circus Show.