Twitter Fiends Censor Accurate Trump Claim About Election Fraud

Twitter has censored yet another tweet from the President of the United States of America, claiming that it isn’t accurate that allowing states to count votes for days after the election leads to fraud.

It’s clear that it will enable fraud. If you just allow people to count votes for days, that gives them that many hours worth of opportunities to start producing new, fake ballots. Even if you think the Democrats are so moral that they would never do that, you still have the absolute matter of fact that they could do that (if they weren’t so highly moral).

It’s also an obvious fact that allowing the election to go unfinished for days will lead to violence. No one doesn’t know that.

No one is going to say, “I was thinking Trump was right, and then I saw that Twitter corrected him, and I realized he was actually wrong.”

This censorship is purely for the purpose of demoralizing Trump. They humiliate him, saying, “you’re just totally powerless – we can do anything we want to you, orange man.”

This is out of control.

Trump should have every employee at Twitter taken out and put in front of a firing squad. Bring the guy that mops the floors, the parking garage lady, all of them. Just take them out and give them a bandana and a cigarette, and be done with it.