Twitter and Facebook Supposedly Removed Dozens of “Covert Pro-US Propaganda Accounts”

This seems totally fake.

Virtually all media on the planet is some form of US state propaganda. Like, just pick any random show on Netflix, and I can show you dozens of elements of social and political messaging from the Anal Empire. Of course, a lot of that is people who just believe in the empire themselves, spreading the message. But a lot of it is messed with – no true artist wants to replace all their characters with blacks for no reason, or add in gay sex randomly.

With the news media – it is all the same, all over the world. Look at Britain, Germany, France, and even Eastern Europe – all news media is promoting a single perception of reality, which is the official position of the Anal Empire.

A lot of people know this, instinctively, and more and more people are becoming aware of it as this stuff gets weirder and weirder. All US-based social media enforces rules of censorship, where no one is allowed to oppose the doctrine of the Anal Empire. Facebook and Twitter have censorship people trying to rig elections in Black Africa. It’s ridiculous, the level of global power these companies have. The cavalier way in which they wield that power is even more ridiculous than the power itself.

So what to do? How about have the social media companies identify a series of accounts as “US propaganda”? This will then make people think that these companies have some kind of integrity, and that outright disinformation from the US government is being removed. They will then have more faith in these companies, which act as de facto arms of the US government in literally everything they do.


For the first time, a major covert pro-US propaganda campaign has been taken down by social media giants.

According to a report by Graphika and the Stanford Internet Observatory, Twitter and Meta (the parent company of Facebook and Instagram) have removed dozens of accounts used to promote US interests abroad.

These accounts targeted audiences in the Middle East and in Central Asia in multiple languages.

They promoted narratives to support the US and its allies, while opposing countries like Russia, China and Iran.

One example used by the researchers was how this campaign portrayed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to different audiences.

“What was interesting was how they customized it for different countries. For example, when they targeted people in Iran, they talked about how the Iranian government was selling drones to Russia to kill innocent civilians and that Iran’s cooperation with Russia was hurting Iranians,” said Shelby Grossman, a researcher for the Stanford Internet Observatory in an interview with Euronews.

Meanwhile, when these accounts targeted users in Central Asian countries they would posts statements like “Russia invaded Ukraine, you’re next! You need to stand up to Russia now.”

The campaign mirrored common propaganda tactics that have been used against the West by countries like Russia or Iran.

Shelby Grossman said she was even surprised by how ordinary this campaign was: “I was shocked that the tactics we saw being used were identical to the tactics used by authoritarian regimes,” she said.

These accounts used classic online propaganda tactics such as creating fake persona accounts, generating profile pictures using artificial intelligence.

The accounts published sometimes also posed as independent news media organisations, posting short-form videos, memes, and political cartoons, all of which are very common tactics according to the researchers.

There is some interesting information there, I suppose.

Someone might get prosecuted for “revealing sources and methods.”

But I doubt it. These seems very clearly like a staged appeal to intelligent people to give an impression that there are checks and balances on these social media companies, when in fact, there are absolutely none.

America used to have far better propaganda