Turks Put on Putin Masks and Beat Ukraine People at Sports

These Turks are okay by me.


Fans of Turkish football club Fenerbahce were reportedly seen wearing masks bearing the image of Russian President Vladimir Putin before their team took on Dynamo Kiev in the UEFA Europa League on Thursday evening.

The meeting in Istanbul came just weeks after a controversial match between the two teams at the same venue – on that occasion in Champions League qualifying – where a mass of Fenerbahce fans were heard chanting Putin’s name.

Those actions earned Fenerbahce a fine from UEFA and a suspended partial stadium closure, although that punishment seemingly did not deter some fans from antagonizing their Ukrainian visitors again at the Ulker Stadium.

Turkish outlet Haberler shared an image of a fan bearing a Putin mask, reportedly before the match, while other images shared on social media purported to show an even larger group of fans with a Russian flag and the same masks.

“Don’t let UEFA see it!” read the headline from the Haberler story.

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