Tucker Says the Democrats are Planning to Blame Trump for the Deadly Vax

Tucker Carlson had one of his best segments ever on Thursday. I meant to write about it on Friday, but I didn’t, so here we are on Sunday, and I need some better content on the site.

He cited a press release from the House Subcommittee on Coronavirus (it’s Democrats), which says that Donald Trump rushed the coronavirus vaccine and skipped safety procedures.

Basically, he says that the Democrats are getting ready to blame Trump for the vax. But just uses that as a platform to go off on how the vax is in the process of killing every dumb bastard that took it. It’s the opening monologue in the above clip, and I highly recommend it. It’s basically just a bunch of hate facts from Alex Berenson’s blog, but he and his writers were really on fire, Sega Genesis NBA Jam Style.

As far as the Democrats actually blaming Trump for the vaccine – I don’t know that this is real.

What I do think is real is that Ron DeSantis and his people know that the fact that Trump shilled the vax – after having the election stolen – is his single weakest point. People really hate that. It’s the only time I’ve ever seen Donald Trump booed during a rally, is when he was shilling that vax.

Probably, the Democrats released this to help Ron DeSantis. Tucker didn’t really seem to be conscious of that angle, frankly, and I do not think Tucker is pro-Trump enough. He seems sympathetic to DeSantis, which is just terrible. I was utterly shocked that Alex Jones endorsed DeSantis.

Remember – DeSantis said to take the vaccine too.

Here he is saying “if you are vaccinated, the chances of you being hospitalized for Covid are effectively zero,” which was the Anthony Fauci slogan.

He was just as pro-vax as Trump, he just gets anti-vax credit for not forcing people to take it. But several red states didn’t force people to take it. It’s not that big of a deal. If Trump had remained in office, he wouldn’t have forced anyone to take it, and would have been pushing back on the national level.

I have no idea why Trump shilled that vax when he knew people hated it. I can only think it was Javanka telling him people liked it and he’d get credit from the New York Times. I seriously doubt he himself actually took it – this was a guy who was saying for years that the MMR vax causes autism.

Supporting that vax is really unforgivable. But he’s still better than Ron DeSantis, who literally did the exact same thing. These RINO DeSantis shills and Jews are trying to make it like DeSantis is the anti-vax guy and Trump was chief vaxer. But Trump wasn’t in office when Biden was forcing people to take the vax, and even when he was shilling the vax post election hoax, he denounced the mandates.

I Have Never Supported DeSantis Against Trump

Recently, when I was attacking the DeSantis 2024 push, a couple of smug assholes came at me with quotes of me supporting what DeSantis was doing in Florida and then claimed I flip-flopped on supporting DeSantis.

I imagine my haters are going around saying this, so I just want to be clear: supporting someone as a governor and supporting someone running against Trump for president are not the same thing. Obviously, the people who make these claims know they’re lying, but they try to confuse people.

We’ll just break it down real simple:

  • I have and still do support DeSantis in Florida. I think he’s a great governor.
  • I do not support DeSantis running against Trump in 2024.

At this point, I feel it’s possible that the good things DeSantis is doing in Florida are part of a plot to pump him up so he can challenge Trump and be George W. Bush 2.0 doing war with Russia and China. He is absolutely the #NeverTrump candidate – all of these Jews and people like the Bushes are rallying around him. The National Review, Ben Shapiro – that whole crooked crowd.

Obviously, you can’t prove that he is only doing good things in Florida as part of a scam, and it doesn’t really matter anyway, because he is actually doing good things. But no way in hell do I want him running against Trump, let alone beating Trump out for the nomination.

A GOP Presidential victory in 2024 is probably totally impossible either way, but the campaign will (probably) happen, and I want Trump out there saying crazy shit, not DeSantis going up there and talking about taxes and school choice.

I would and have endorsed DeSantis to continue being the governor of Florida. That’s the best place for him. He’s doing a good job, doing a lot of good things I support. The coronavirus stuff was great (although again, other red state governors were doing the same thing), and going after Disney was awesome.

So, it’s two different things.

If people can’t understand the difference, then it’s beyond my ability to explain it.

Trump is the Only Option

The only option is Trump. No one else even compares. Especially since the election is going to be rigged anyway. Trump didn’t really do anything the first time, and the best part of his presidency was the campaign. I’m not just going to say “don’t support anyone,” because even if electoral politics are a dead end in terms of the revolution, they are still the focus of everyone’s attention, and the way that you inject ideas into people’s minds.

It’s about hearts and minds, folks.

The only person I would support challenging Trump in 2024 is Ali Jamal.

If Ali beats the condom activist Blake Masters in Arizona, he’s going to be in a good position to go straight for the White House.

I have officially endorsed Ali Jamal in Arizona, and I’ve already endorsed him for 2024, but we don’t know yet if he’s going to win in Arizona. He will need that Senate platform to make it to the White House.