Tucker Goes All In, Tells the Truth About Untold Number of Deaths from “Vaccine”

On Wednesday, Tucker Carlson did an amazing monologue on the coronavirus vaccine, pointing out that according to the CDC Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), nearly 4,000 Americans have already died from the coronavirus vaccine.

The monologue is not on the Fox News YouTube channel, as Tucker’s monologues typically are. I assume Fox News was simply aware that it is against YouTube policy to mention the VAERS numbers, or to criticize anything about the vaccine or the way the government is handling the rollout, and simply passed on uploading it.

However, the whole show, including the monologue, is available on BitChute at time of writing.

Tucker didn’t simply report the deaths, but also noted that it is borderline illegal to report on these government numbers. He noted that LifeSiteNews was recently banned from Facebook for posting the VAERS numbers.

You have to wonder how long he’s going to be able to get away with putting this right out there on Fox News.

Tucker noted that this is more deaths than from all previous vaccination campaigns in America over the last 30 years – combined. He also noted that critics of the VAERS system have estimated that it only reports less than 1% of total adverse events.

He went on to note that the VAERS system is flawed to the point of being actually ridiculous, and that the government is outright refusing to make any attempt to keep track of the effects of these experimental drugs.

I noted this extremely bizarre fact in my piece responding to the media attacking me for wondering aloud if Dan Kaminsky’s death was from the vaccine. Without naming me, the media had claimed that I was a conspiracy theorist for saying it was suspicious that an apparently healthy 42-year-old man died days after receiving the second dose of the vaccine, and I said: if there is nothing to hide here, then why is the government so obviously refusing to even record data on the side effects of the vaccine, beyond this silly VAERS system?

The media often claims that the VAERS database somehow isn’t real, because it is self-reported (many of the reports are done by doctors). But the reality is that it is almost certainly not accurate, but in the other direction. The media got Kaminsky’s niece to go out and make the claim that the vaccine was totally unrelated to his death and it was just a coincidence. In any normal vaccine trial, someone would be recording that death, whether it was a coincidence or not. But Kaminsky will not make it into VAERS, because neither his doctor nor his family will fill out the form.

Most doctors are believing the media regarding the vaccine, and most people who die from the vaccine likely do not have family members who will fill out the VAERS form.

Most of us are hearing of deaths from this vaccine in our personal lives. It seems likely that the number of deaths has to be well into the 5 figures, and possibly higher – just in the United States alone.

That said, the much bigger risk is the longer-term effects of the vaccine. Not one single person on earth knows what the long-term effects are, because there were no long-term trials. It’s almost certain that it is going to sterilize most people, and it could cause literally any other problem.

What’s even more concerning is imagining why it is that the government is so obsessed with everyone on earth getting this injection. No one has any explanation for that. The government’s claim is that if you get the vaccine, you’re protected from the virus, so what difference does it make if other people take it? If they’re risking dying of a virus, isn’t that their choice?

Even if there have only been the 4,000 deaths that VAERS cites, and even if you believe the CDC’s coronavirus death tracker, the vaccine is still much, much more dangerous to a young person than the virus ever could be. But even if the vaccine was proved safe and there was a 99% chance of someone dying from the virus, would it still not be their choice?

What Fauci said in response to Joe Rogan saying that young people don’t need to take it was that young people would be selfish not to risk their life taking this experimental medication because they could spread the disease to old people. But the old people are already vaccinated! And the vaccine must protect people, or we wouldn’t be having this discussion in the first place. Right?

If you press that issue, this question of why it matters if people don’t want the vaccine if everyone who does want the vaccine is protected anyway, these people just trail off. I want to be clear: this remains completely unexplained. Instead of explaining the logic of this, they simply say: shut up and take your injection.

Tucker played a clip from some late night comedy show of supposed nurses and doctors menacing and threatening the audience. One Asiatic (presumably Taiwanese) female nurse said something to the effect of “shut the fuck up and take the shot” and then gave the viewer her middle finger.

Tucker correctly notes that this is not funny, it’s scary to have people talking to you like that, demanding that you do things.

Bodily autonomy is a serious issue. It’s not something to joke about. If the government has decided that we no longer have bodily autonomy, and they’ve unilaterally made the decision to inject all of us with a mysterious substance, this should be a grave moment in history. The government and media, even if they believe they have to violate our bodies in this way, should be recognizing the gravity of the situation.

Tucker went straight from his monologue into an interview with a professor from Harvard Medical School, Martin Kulldorff, who said that medicine should never be coerced.

He also criticized the VAERS system, and was unable to explain why the government is not using some kind of tracking system for the deaths and other adverse effects of the vaccine.

Aside from the preface of “I’m sure vaccines are good and it’s all fine, BUT,” Tucker’s segment was as hardcore as anything you will read on this website.

Tucker’s bravery is as inspirational as anything I’ve ever seen in my life. He is going head on. He has to know that there is no hope – there is no way this can turn out any way other than him ending up dead or in prison, or at the very least silenced and sued into oblivion. He is doing this for no other reason than that this is the right thing to do. He is going down with the ship.

Someday, every city in this country will have a statue of Tucker Carlson.