Top Jew Claims US Made “Covid-19” in a Lab

The Jews will do anything to keep people believing there is such a thing as a “novel coronavirus pandemic.”

They will even just go ahead and blame themselves if it keeps people from saying “it’s just the flu.”

Jeffrey Sachs is a top Jew – not some rando from the local synagogue. He’s from Harvard and Columbia and works for the UN. He would rank in the upper half of a “300 most powerful people in the world” list.


Covid-19 did not come out of some natural reservoir but rather “out of US lab biotechnology” in an accident, world-renowned economist and author Jeffrey Sachs has claimed, speaking at a conference hosted by the GATE Center think tank in Spain in mid-June.

While introducing this “provocative statement,” Sachs suggested that he was in the loop, as he chairs the Covid-19 commission at prestigious medical journal The Lancet.

“So it’s a blunder, in my view, of biotech, not an accident of a natural spillover,” he reiterated.

The academic noted that while “we don’t know for sure” if this is the case, there is “enough evidence” pointing to this, which “should be looked into.” Sachs lamented that this version is, however, “not being investigated, not in the United States, not anywhere.”

Back in May, Sachs, along with Columbia University professor of molecular pharmacology and therapeutics Neil Harrison, penned an article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggesting Covid-19 had originated in a laboratory. In the paper, the two academics called for greater transparency on the part of US federal agencies and universities, arguing that a lot of pertinent evidence was not disclosed.

Virus databases, biological samples, viral sequences, email communications, and laboratory notebooks could all help shed light on the pandemic origin, according to Sachs and Harrison. However, none of these materials had been subjected to “independent, transparent, and scientific scrutiny,” they argued.

This has been the fall-back story the whole time.

When conservatives began to stop believing in the hoax, the media all of a sudden started saying that it was a bioweapon that Anthony Fauci worked with the Chinese to create on purpose.

People don’t know anything about viruses. The whole subject is very large and daunting. What we do know is that we didn’t see anyone die from the coronavirus, and we know that death statistics did not go up during the “height of the pandemic.” Deaths are up now, massively – after the release of the vaccine when we are told the alleged “pandemic” is over or in remission or something.

There never was any new virus. They renamed the flu, then started recording a bunch of fake virus deaths. That’s the bottom line. You can go into the concept of viruses, and new viruses, and the way a PCR test works, and the claim that they “mapped the genome” of “the coronavirus” (it’s just a computer program) – but none of that really even matters. What matters is that they told you there was a pandemic, but you never saw any indication that this claim was actually true.

If they start really pushing this “it’s made in a lab,” you can guarantee that “it’s mutating and becoming more powerful” is coming next.

None of this is ever going to end until it’s over. The Ukraine thing can’t go on forever, and they’re going to have to do something different. So it’s either back to racism or back to coronavirus. Or, you know – total economic collapse.

Some kind of Misery. The goyim love Misery.