This Site is Only on Tor Now, Don’t Know for How Long

Jesus is still King of Heaven and everything below it – including the internet.

Two different domains were stolen yesterday.

Basically, they really don’t want me talking about this Russia stuff at all. It’s a lot more extreme than just talking about Jews and black people, or women.

This could end up being a running issue. We are basically exhausted of options outside of doing something really weird. Any normal domain is going to be stolen in real time.

But, we will figure it out.

For those of you who can see this: I am going to keep writing on this Tor website.

Please tell people to either use Brave Browser, or download the Tor Browser.

Also, just as a reminder – nothing on this site is copyrighted. So if you want to copy articles, or take screenshots, or whatever – please do.

Also, please remember this is expensive, and consider sending crypto.