This is How Both World Wars Started

The anti-Russia sanctions that resulted in the total fallout of the European economy and dealt a severe blow to the American economy were literally organized by some random Indian guy. There are all of these very clever Jews on Wall Street who could have reviewed these sanctions, but the State Department didn’t even bother to call them before delivering the sanctions to Brandon.

Meanwhile, the sanctions have been great for the Russian economy – while the stated plan of the State Department was to cause the Russian ruble to collapse and trigger a collapse of the government.

These people are really not very smart.


The US Treasury Department is seeking to hire an expert who will advise on how to avoid blowback from the sanctions Washington has been using in recent years to pressure countries around the globe, Bloomberg reported on Thursday.

According to the news agency, the candidate chosen will head up the Sanctions Economic Analysis Unit and will offer expertise to the Biden administration on the collateral effects such restrictions have on the US economy, financial markets, and other related areas.

The position, which offers a salary of up to $176,300 per year, also requires a Top Secret security clearance.

The urgency of having such a role performed has increased as the sanctions framework Washington has been relying on in recent years has become more complex. The difficulties have been further compounded by the White House’s sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine conflict, which have added to the administration’s “headaches,” the report says.

According to the outlet, one of the expert’s main tasks will be “to avoid major economic shocks,” akin to the one that roiled global markets after the US slapped sanctions on companies linked to Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, including aluminum giant Rusal. The Trump administration lifted sanctions on the firm in early 2019.

We’re already so sanctions-shocked that no one can figure out anything. No one knows what will do what. The economy is an extremely complicated machine, and it was already limping due to that stupid virus hoax the government did.

The ability of the US to keep up this war that they’ve declared against the entire world hinges on their ability to hold together the US economy and therefore keep the dollar backed with something. Following that, the ability of the government to keep up their war against the American people also hinges on their economy.

Therefore, I am pro-economic collapse. It’s a hard position to take, but it’s no harder than my pro-nuclear war position. Basically whatever happens, I win – unless ZOG manages to crush Russia and China without getting nuked, in which case we all lose.

This situation is very high stakes. Whatever the US is doing, after a series of unbelievable failures, they managed to make some gains in the Ukraine. Given Putin’s escalation, the US will now need to escalate again. This is a treacherous situation. The stakes could not be any higher. With the West devoting all of their entire military might to this Ukraine Democracy Hoax, there is a chance that Russia could lose. All the forces of hell are aligned against her.

I don’t think they will lose, but we must admit that the situation has changed. A few months ago, no one could have predicted how far the West was willing to go in this war. The next stage is quite obviously moving from using Western mercenaries to actually sending in Western armies. Joe Biden can send in the US military and no one can stop him. America is a democracy, so no one has any recourse. With the dawn of this Bolshevik-style police state, there is a chilling effect on protests, and Biden can just outlaw them and send everyone to a secret prison if there are serious protests.

It now does not look like there is any chance this war is going to stay in the Ukraine. Both sides are too fully committed to allow defeat. When defeat comes to Russia or the Democrat ZOG government of America, it is going to be an absolute defeat, and that could be quite a while off.

This is how both world wars started. There was a seemingly isolated military conflict somewhere in Europe – first Serbia and then Poland – which spun out of control due to obligations that resulted from alliances.

Perhaps notably, Serbia, Poland, and the Ukraine are all Slavic countries in Eastern Europe. The Ukraine is in the middle.

Sides have already been drawn up, with Russia having allied with China. The US is threatening China, but also threatening smaller Russian allies like Serbia. However, some notable states have not totally chosen a side yet, including India and Saudi Arabia. Their decisions are going to be important.

This is what I’ve said for years and years: the US backed itself into a position where the only way to bring down Russia and China was through war, and they put themselves on a clock by so drastically reducing their military and the domestic economic and social orders. At this point, they have no choice but to go full-on and hope for the best.

There does remain a chance that the US could just back down totally. But that would require Russia and/or China demonstrating serious might, to the point where the American leaders think it is impossible to win. We have yet to see Russia make such a demonstration, and China recently chose not to shoot down Nancy Pelosi’s plane when she invaded Taiwan.

If I was a strategist, I would advise that China needs to immediately invade Taiwan. Biden has given a gift to the Eastern alliance by telling them he will use the military to defend Taiwan. This would stretch the US forces thin, and then Russia and China just have to hold the line until the domestic social and economic situation becomes unsustainable for America.

China has to know that they are next on the list, and in fact, officials from China have said as much. Therefore, there is no reason for them to not view attacks against Russia as attacks against China. If Russia falls, China is all alone in the world with no allies other than third world countries.

The problem there is that China is not a martial country. Chinese are money people, and they view war as bad for business. It’s very funny to me that right-wing Americans keep claiming that China is going to do a war against America – it is the opposite. They are hesitating to do a war of self-defense against this bombardment by America.

It’s going to be an interesting few years.

Just remember: any future for the American people is dependent on the US government falling apart, and the only way the US government is going to fall apart is through stretching itself too thin on the world stage, militarily and economically.

We, the American people, do not have any chance at all of standing up against this government. The only thing that could save us is a collapse of the ability for the US government to enforce its tyranny, at which point some charismatic populist dictator could seize control of the American state. There is no other path – elections are fake and it is totally impossible to organize any kind of armed resistance. Therefore, if you’re not rooting for Russia and China, you basically hate America.