Third World America: Amtrak Derails Completely

A lot of stupid retards still think America is a first world country because they don’t know any better and they just believe lies they see on TV.

I’ve said a million times: you get off the plane in Hong Kong or Shanghai, and you feel like you’ve just landed on a base on Mars in the year 2350. Americans simply have no idea just how far behind America is, in terms of quality of life and implementation of modern technology.

Frankly, you take a major step up in terms of basic civilization if you just drive across the border to Mexico. Yes, there are countries that are crappier than America, but you’re talking about like, Africa basically. And even most of Africa itself has lower murder rates and much more personal liberty.

We’ve been predicting for years and years that as we import not just brown people, but the lowest type of brown people, this country is just going to stop functioning. That’s another thing people don’t really understand – despite all of this “brain drain” talk, the actual reality is that the middle class and rich of third world countries don’t have any reason to leave their own countries. The majority of people who want to leave their own countries are the extreme poor and the criminal element. And those are the people that the Jews want to bring to our country. So everybody wins – the third world gets to dump their poor crime element on us, while the Jews get to turn our country into a living hell of all of the worst people on the planet gathered together.

Anyway – the trains don’t work.


A long-haul passenger train carrying 243 passengers and 12 crew derailed in the US state of Missouri, after reportedly striking a truck at a railroad crossing. Preliminary reports mentioned several people with injuries of varying severity, at least three of whom had to be taken to a hospital about 80 miles away.

Authorities later confirmed that two passengers and the truck driver have died, while the total number of injured in the incident was at least 40.

Eight cars and two engines of the Southwest Chief train derailed near Mendon, Missouri on Monday when it struck a vehicle “that was obstructing a public crossing,” Amtrak said in a statement. The train was traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago and the incident happened at 12:42 Central time.

Amtrak said there were “early reports of injuries” but could not offer any specifics, saying only they would release information later as it became available. “Local authorities are currently assisting customers and we have deployed Amtrak resources to assist.”

This was no joke. This was a total debacle.

The semi-truck was probably driven by Somalians. Most of the trucks are now. They are incapable of following traffic signs because they can’t even read or understand abstract symbols.

There are consequences for actions, and boomers thought it was a great idea to flood the country with low level savages in order to boost their 401ks so they could buy second boats. Now we’re paying the ultimate price.

Blame the Jews all you want. You should blame the Jews – this was their idea, they passed the laws. But no one complained. There was never an organized movement against drastically transforming the American population post-1965. Now everyone is shocked we can’t even operate a train, something we were able to operate smoothly in the 1860s.

So – whatever!