Thin 32-Year-Old Actress and Model Just Dies All of a Sudden for No Reason

It’s normal, goy!

Everyone dies!

It’s just much earlier now than in 2020 – for no reason!

No reason at all, goy!


Actress and Triangle of Sadness star Charlbi Dean died Monday in New York City at the age of 32 from “an unexpected sudden illness,” according to a report by Deadline.

The South African model and actress, who had a breakout role in the 2022 film Triangle of Sadness, was also known for playing Syonide, a recurring character on CW’s series Black Lightning, based on DC Comics.

Triangle of Sadness, a movie about “a cruise for the super-rich” sinking and “leaving survivors, including a fashion model celebrity couple, trapped on an island,” according to its IMDb page, is an official selection of the upcoming Toronto Film Festival.

The specific cause of Dean’s death has yet to be revealed.

I guess we now what Dr. Fauci meant when he released that song “Die, Die My Darling.”

He was telling us his plan.

When it comes to movie skanks though, I agree with Fauci in his song “Last Caress.”

But no reason to dig up her bones, I think.

Looks totally unhealthy to me