Thick Skulled Samoan Jason Mamoa Survives Head-On Collision

I used to think Jason Mamoa was a kind of based nonwhite guy. I remember the days he was on Stargate: Atlantis, the greatest television experience of the modern age.

Then he turned into a real faggot, marrying an old black bimbo and making really shitty movies. I guess all his movies were shitty. There wasn’t a time when he was like, cool. He just had a kind of cool masculine air about him.

Actually, in the last few seconds, my entire position on this has changed. I don’t know what I was thinking seconds ago. Everything he did sucked, except Atlantis, because he started taking steroids. He had a good body in Atlantis.

That’s what a “good body” basically looks like for most normal people (this is pretty minimal, and most people have the genes to go bigger – I think this is a bit before Atlantis, or maybe in the first season, when he was a bit bigger. I can’t find a shirtless Atlantis pic, but it’s from that).

But then he had to go full retard in Game of Thrones. Then he’s making horrible films, having sex with elderly black people, and presumably having sex with trannies.

Imagine that he’s just raging for that sweet boy-pussy when he looks like this:

Then in the off season, he is a fat slob who can’t get an erection and just cries about how his father would never let him get the steak at Shake Shack:

There’s that saying: “I’d rather live one day as a lion than a thousand years as a gazelle.” Well, the Hollywood version is: “I’d rather live 3 months out of the year as a gigantic abominable tranny-chaser and also live the rest of the months as a fat bitch who can’t get an erection and cries.”

But I do still have mad respect for the thickness of his skull.

New York Post:

Actor Jason Momoa collided head-on with a motorcyclist on a winding Los Angeles-area road over the weekend, but no one was badly injured, a report said Sunday.

The collision occurred when the motorcyclist crossed over into the “Aquaman” and “Game of Thrones” star’s lane and struck the front left side of his Oldsmobile, TMZ said.

The biker suffered minor injuries after bouncing off Momoa’s windshield and rolling over the vehicle, according to the report. Momoa, 42, was not injured, TMZ said.

He has a pretty small head too. He must have a pea brain.

I wanted to make a statement about how even as a race heretic, there are some types of brown masculinity you can have respect for, and that this ability for men across races to develop respect could be a basis for solving the racial problems through organized separation.

With Samoans, you can at least say “well, these people are Americans, and they also have their own homeland.” Hardly the most offensive race. But this asshole on steroids in Aquaman was the most offensive thing I’ve seen, though I did not watch the film.

Long Live Stargate.

And remember kids: roids are never worth it. It’s like a Twisted Metal type situation: people take the roids because they want muscles, then when they get on the roids, they only want to have gay sex.

Then when they’re off roids, all they want to do is cry about mommy.

Talk about a deal with Gay Satan.

He’s divorcing his granny beard and about to go fully mask off as either a tranny lover or a total full faggot.

It actually looks like a traditional “woman leaves you for greener pastures” divorce. It happened in January, when I guess there was a mad scramble of women in their 50s trying to marry Ben Affleck before he finally offed himself or realized that any woman of any age – including an attractive 19-year-old – would be more than willing to boss him around and abuse him like she’s his mommy.

Fun fact: if you’re looking for some bitch to be your mommy, you can really use any old bitch. You just start acting subservient, and she will start abusing you and telling you what to do. She doesn’t have to actually be elderly.

Momoa’s 54-year-old black wife probably met Ben Affleck on the Justice League set and was like “egad, man – he’s a sitting duck!”