There is No Reason to Attack Elon Over Bitcoin – Just Wait and See What He’s Doing!

Elon Musk: Hero of Earth or Internet Villain? Wait and see!

I am upset at Elon Musk for his decision to crash Bitcoin. I think this was a very bad decision. However, we need to consider context, and consider that maybe attacking him is not the best course of action.

We need to remember that Elon was the one single famous person – not just the one billionaire but the one single famous person (other than like, Van Morrison and a few other minor people who aren’t big time famous) – who came out strong against the coronavirus hoax.

I will never forget that show he did with Joe Rogan, where he just laid out all of the facts. It was incredible.

Furthermore, he also has called out Bill Gates and his 666 vaxx agenda.

He’s done a lot of other things over the last few years as well to support the masses of people and push back against the anti-human globalist agenda pushed by his fellow oligarchs.

I ended up watching the full Saturday Night Live show, and he was literally the funniest person on it. He was dragged down by the show’s horrible cast.

Before the Bitcoin thing, the worst thing he’d done in the last year was say that CyberPunk 2077 was not a bad game. But hey – there’s no accounting for taste. Maybe he thought the bugs were entertaining.

After harming Bitcoin’s price by tweeting on May 12 that Tesla would temporarily pause accepting it as currency, early Monday morning Elon confirmed that Tesla had not sold any of its Bitcoin. This is a good sign.

What Musk is doing with the market right now may not be something he’s really thinking about. Maybe he has stress in his personal life or something. He’s got a little baby and a wife who might be hard to handle sometimes.

(She seems like a nice girl, but it’s also easy to see that she could be a handful.)

Obviously, on Sunday he was getting really bothered by all the people on Twitter attacking him.

I don’t think he should engage with these people, but whatever. He needs to understand that a few people saying nasty things to him on Twitter do not represent the entire crypto community.

There are millions of people who have suffered under the international banking system, who have been liberated by Bitcoin, and the liberation can only continue. It’s not just first world people – many third worlders have adopted Bitcoin. Furthermore, there are projects like Cardano that are suffering under Elon’s tweets that are directly helping the Africans manage whatever it is they’re trying to manage in Africa.

Crypto is good for everyone on earth. This “Bitcoin releases carbon” stuff is a total scam. It is being promoted by Bill Gates and others – all enemies of Musk – who want to enslave the people.

If there’s too much Bitcoin mining being done using Chinese coal power, the solution to that is not to dump Bitcoin, but to fund more green energy projects in the West that provide cheaper, sustainable energy to use to mine Bitcoin. Furthermore, the Lightning Network (very temporary proof of stake) for Bitcoin helps with the energy problem. Elon could just as easily go all in on Lightning. Working on a program to develop that further would make money and solve problems.

It also needs to be noted that Bitcoin is already relatively green, with most of the mining being done in Sichuan, where electricity comes from the Three Gorges hydroelectric dam, the world’s biggest power generation facility.

The key reason that the Chinese are able to be the center of Bitcoin mining is that they have a government that encourages growth by rewarding ingenuity with financial freedom. It’s not really because they are cheating and using too much coal. The coal-powered Bitcoin mining facilities in Xinjiang are more expensive to run than the ones in Sichuan, and if a more efficient protocol was employed, the Xinjiang mining facilities would be shut down and all of China’s Bitcoin operations would be operating off of hydroelectricity.

Elon’s Big Goals are Impossible Under the Current Banker Regime

If we can learn one single thing from the development of China over the last 30 years, it’s that when you are not hampered down by a brutal banking regime, your economy and technology development rapidly explodes.

Western financial institutions have a very strong incentive to keep people poor, and when people are poor, you cannot make large technological leaps. Right now, America or the West generally going to the Moon (let alone Mars) looks completely impossible. We have junkies roaming the streets, poor third worlders piling in to serve as cheap scab labor, this insane virus regime – the establishment is pushing down the people, and thereby pushing down technological advancement.

Bitcoin maximalism provides a way out. Elon endorsing Bitcoin was like Bane robbing the stock exchange to free the people from financial oppression.

Right now, if you compare Elon’s space projects to China’s space projects, there is simply zero equivalence. That is not Elon’s fault, but the fault of the environment he is working in.

I don’t think and have never thought that the Chinese are better than the West. But it’s painfully obvious that they are doing a lot better than the West. They have long since overcome America as the wealthiest country, and their technological advancements are happening at such a rapid pace that there is literally no chance for any Western company to compete. Decentralizing the Western financial system would create massive opportunities for individuals, and thereby create an environment where technological advancement is inevitable.

I Don’t Think Elon Wants to be the Bad Guy

I don’t know what Elon’s personal goals are, other than to go to Mars and become king of the planet. As I say, it is the Western central banking system that is serving as the prime restrictor on that.

However, I think it is also important for Elon personally, and important for his projects, that he not become the villain. He has framed himself as the people’s billionaire, and not long ago, I was arguing for laws to be changed to allow him (not born in America) to become president. Whatever else he is, he is clearly pro-business, pro-growth, pro-development and pro-freedom. That’s enough to make him better than the entire rest of the establishment combined.

He needs to think about what effect making himself the enemy of the internet is going to have on his long term agenda. The Citizenry of the Internet long ago adopted Bitcoin as its official money, and everyone was very excited to have Musk involved in this. He could very easily become the hero of the internet. Instead, by purposefully crashing Bitcoin, he is becoming an internet villain.

This is unnecessary. As I say – it would be just as easy to say “we need to make Bitcoin more green,” and work on projects to that end.

Doge is Not a Real Coin

Doge is a fun meme, but it is not a serious coin. I am not against pumping it up or whatever else, but in terms of the long run, it doesn’t make sense. What makes sense is developing quicker protocols for Bitcoin, or embracing something like Polkadot.

Either way, the cryptocurrency market is all tied together, so any projects in crypto raise the other projects. That might not be the case forever, but it is the case now.

Does Elon Want to Get Beat by Bill Gates?

Don’t let Bill Gates beat you on this, Elon.

We all know that he is anti-progress. He wants to build a dystopian nightmare 666 vaccine gene therapy hellscape of total control.

Gates has not just been attacking Elon over Bitcoin and global warming – he has also been out there attacking Elon for wanting to go to Mars. If Elon is going to defer to Gates on Bitcoin, then how long until he defers to Gates on Mars as well?

I’m not personally obsessed with going to Mars, but I like it in terms of a goal for the future, and something for people to work towards. That gives people something to rally around that is hopeful. It also promotes growth.

This is the exact opposite of what Gates is doing, trying to rally people around unhinged fear and panic, and manipulate them with terror. Gates doesn’t care about any future projects, or the future in general, he just wants to be a global slumlord, looking down on the pathetic vaxxed peasants and feeling like a big guy.

People Shouldn’t Attack Elon

The Bitcoin people trolling Elon Musk have a right to be mad, but it is stupid to attack Elon. Basically, if Elon leaves the project, all that means is that the coin goes back to where it was before he endorsed it. In fact, it will probably maintain some of the value, i.e., if he leaves it will still be higher than it was when he joined.

So I don’t see any reason to attack him and try to force him out. He is a benefit to the project – no one can deny that. Trying to bullycide him out is nonsensical. Michael Saylor and the rest should just relax and try to encourage Elon, explain that Bitcoin is already pretty green and it is getting greener – and Musk can help it get even greener by supporting projects – instead of attacking him.

Bitcoin is the People’s Coin

I don’t think Elon wants to hurt the masses of the people. But he appears to just not understand that the trolls on Twitter bitching at him do not represent the majority of people who use Bitcoin and crypto generally. Again, it is something that has really helped a lot of little guys get a leg-up. It is like GME, but on a massive, long-term scale.

Defending Bitcoin is not just a move against Bill Gates, but also against Elon’s Wall Street enemies. It is a move for the people. Again, you can easily defend it by looking at all of the crypto-based projects in the third world that are now suffering because of the crypto crash.

Arguably, an attack on crypto is a racist attack on blacks and Latinx people who are now reliant on this market as much as it is an attack on China or normal Americans.


Remember that shortly after Elon tweeted the statement about Tesla temporarily stopping selling Bitcoin, he tweeted this:

So along with the possibility that he’s just stressing out and shitposting without thinking much, there is also a definite possibility that he’s just messing with all of us for a few days and will send things back to normal this week. I sure hope so.

And hey – I would respect the troll.

Maybe this was him just testing the resiliency of the market?

If so, I think the market passed the test. After days of trolling, Bitcoin held the line at a higher level than it was at when Elon endorsed it.

Either way: This great internet will endure.

Bitcoin will survive.