The War Seems to be Going Quite Well, Actually

Despite all of the nonsense coming out of the American media machine, every bit of reliable information we’re able to gather indicates that the war is going very well for Russia, and that their strategic goals will be accomplished soon.

The goals were:

  • To completely take the eastern and southern part of the country, which was already begging to be annexed
  • To take Kharkiv
  • To take Kiev

The first thing is pretty much done, and only the second thing has really hit a snag. The third thing hasn’t really gotten started yet, as the city is still in the process of being surrounded.

Here’s a map (as up to date as possible), for reference:

Here is another map, which is a bit less conservative (and likely more accurate):

Firstly, I should note: information is getting more and more difficult to get, and I might have to break down and join Telegram. The US is serious about blocking any information that they disagree with, and even these small Russian accounts that I’ve been following to get the scoops are getting the clamp down.

Mariupol, which is the base of the Israeli-backed neo-Nazi gang Azov, is totally surrounded, and Russia is continuing to urge civilians to flee so they can just go in and kill everyone.

The southern city of Kherson has been secured.

Although I’ve heard from the media they’re meeting heavy resistance – as seen here.

They are already moving towards Odessa.

Kharkiv is still a problem.

The civilians tried to surrender days ago, but the military moved in and turned it into a legit war zone.

Now there are reports that Azov is there and trying to recruit – also getting bombed.

But Russia appears to mostly have the upper hand, as they are the ones able to take out major installations. A defending army can’t take out its own installations.

Russians are just leveling a lot of stuff in Kharkiv now, which is sad, because I don’t think that was the first and best choice.

Ah, well.

Sucks for them.

But you gotta do what you gotta do. If the US and the rest of the unfree world wasn’t claiming that Ukraine could somehow win this war, the military would surrender. But the West keeps implying that they’re going to do a no-fly zone, or start doing other types of war actions against Russia, so the Ukrainians have the impression, apparently, that all they have to do is hold out before the calvary shows up.

As far as Kiev (KEY-ev) – that hasn’t even really started yet.

Russians are continuing to surround the city.

The shooting that is going on in the city now is all from the gangs that the Zelensky regime handed out weapons to, as well as cops and military trying to stop the havoc.

However, there is some question as to when the Russians do enter the city, if they will be able to defeat the hearts and souls of the Iranian people.

Some of the cities on the road to Kiev are getting rekt.

But the Iranians there still have strong hearts and souls, as they flee to the Polish border.

Yesterday, there was some precision airstrikes against targets in Kiev proper.

One of them hit a Holocaust memorial, according to Jewish accounts.

That’s the first thing I would take out if I was invading a country.

Chinese Continue Showing Love


Gay Faggot Nonsense

The idiot disinfo is nonstop, leading to lolz to those in the know.

But it’s not really a joke. People believe this stuff. People believe that the Ukraine is somehow winning the war.

The unfree world is continuing to rally around the Jewkrainian neo-Nazi cause.

Now even Spain is sending weapons.

The world is continuing to censor RT, as they are posting detailed information of Ukrainian war crimes – which the Western media takes the footage of and blames on Russia.

At Least the CIA Got Reverse Hacked

The State Department hacking group “Anonymous” has been reverse-hacked.

You love to see it.

The CIA group is saying they’re hacking satellites now, which would be grounds for a lot more serious retaliation.

Lavrov came out and said that if the US starts hacking satellites, revenge will be upon them.

I Keep Saying Mossad is Running This

There are American and NATO advisors for sure, but the whole human shields thing – which is what has resulted in the total wrecking of Kharkiv – is very Jewish, very Israeli. Human shields and then whining about civilian casualties is the core military strategy of the State of Israel.

We also know that the Mossad ran the Maidan revolution in 2014, and then provided advisors and weapons shipments to the neo-Nazi gangs that were sent to slaughter ethnic Russians in the east of the country.

It would be nice if someone would just say this aloud.

No One Knows What’s Happening

I’m doing my best here, but the fact of reality is that no one really knows what is going on in the Ukraine.

All the video evidence shows that Russia is winning hard. It’s sad about Kharkiv. But it is what it is.

The Western media is lying worse than they’ve ever lied about anything. You almost feel like Anthony Fauci is running the Fox/CNN coverage of the war.

The attempts to block any real information are very extreme. Very extreme. I don’t expect that in a couple of days, very many of the above tweets will be visible. They are going to start just blocking absolutely everything, because the narrative they are forming is so ridiculous and nonsensical that they can’t allow any form of real information through.

I think Telegram will probably be the last place to get information, so I will sign up there if I have to.

But at some point, it has to be said – everything that I report here has to be taken with a grain of salt, because of the nature of the situation.

But as always, I will do my best.