The US Losing Patience with Germany – Not Big Enough Democracy Lovers

This has become like a Roald Dahl story – “The Spotted Prune-Faced Geriatrics Who Rule the World”

Germany claims to truly love democracy – but how much do they truly love democracy?


Berlin appears to be increasingly out of step with its allies across the pond when it comes to arming Ukraine, Germany’s Die Welt daily reported on Thursday, adding that the issue is impacting relations between the NATO allies. The US allegedly wants Germany to take a more resolute approach towards military assistance for Kiev, it said.

Last Sunday, the US ambassador to Berlin, Amy Gutmann, told the German broadcaster ZDF that she expects Germany to “take on a greater leadership role.” She acknowledged Berlin’s military assistance to Kiev, but said her expectations are “even higher.”

She’s Jewish, by the way. Not that it matters – Jews are of course very good people and lovers of democracy and only support this war with Russia because they love democracy so much and want the Ukraine to get more and more democracy.

But yeah, Amy Gutmann is really Jewish, just like the President of the Ukraine and the State Department officials who planned and started this war on Russia.

But it doesn’t matter – it just proves how much Jews love democracy and endless war.

“So far, Germany has done what we asked for,” a US official told Die Welt on Thursday, adding that Berlin could be moving “faster.” The paper reported that Washington has “doubts” about Germany’s fundamental loyalty to Kiev, questioning whether it wants Ukraine to “win” or just “not to lose.”

On Tuesday, the German tabloid Bild claimed that US officials allegedly sent a diplomatic note to Berlin, in which Secretary of State Antony Blinken supposedly said Washington would “welcome” a decision by Germany to send battle tanks to Ukraine while stopping short of directly asking for such a step. A spokeswoman for the US embassy in Berlin, however, denied this claim, telling Bild that no such outreach was made.

Antony Blinken is also Jewish, by the way. Just in case anyone is keeping track. Not that it matters – he just really loves democracy a lot, because democracy is a Jew value.

“It is not true that we told Germany that they had to supply tanks,” a US official also told Die Welt on Thursday, adding that the US would rather see Germany take a greater leadership role, which now “means helping Ukraine.”

Last week, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht told journalists that Berlin would not be the first to send Western-made tanks to Ukraine when no other nation had done so.

Germans have to be worried about the fact that their economy is totally collapsing as the result of a mission to… to do what? Does anyone even know? The official claim is that democracy is real in the Ukraine, and it is important to keep democracy in the Donbass because – because why? Who cares?

If you believe this official story, then it takes like 2 minutes to figure out that this is not worth collapsing the Western economy over. Even if you believe that democracy is the greatest thing ever, and you believe that somehow the Ukraine is a democracy, what difference would it make if the Ukraine lost two provinces to non-democracy? Why would anyone care about that?

According to these people, in 2014, the Ukraine lost a province to non-democracy, and no one did anything. They can say they are now drawing a red line, but they already drew a red line at NATO membership, and there is no way that Russia is going to invade a NATO country – at least not until Russia manages to successfully bleed NATO dry, at which point it would be easy to invade the Baltics or Poland or whatever.

Apparently, it doesn’t really matter, because the German people are willing to #FreezeForUkraine.

But you would have to wonder about all of the industry in Germany that is being wiped out. Aren’t those very rich and very powerful captains of industry getting fed up with this lunacy?