The Ukraine’s Main Strategy is to Start Arming Civilians (Human Shields+)

Arming random women: ethical or super ethical?

The core strategy of the Ukraine people military has been to use human shields. They squat in densely populated cities, and shell Russians outside of the city. Dealing with this is very slow for Russia.

Technically, Russia has a right to bomb civilian buildings that are being used as military bases. But in practice, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Early into the conflict, WaPo admitted that it would be impossible to prosecute Russia for war crimes, because of the ubiquitous use of human shields by the Ukies. This is their core military doctrine.

However, they’re allegedly planning to kick it up a notch, and just start arming these human shields, which would mean Russia could just slaughter them.


During its conflict with Russia, Ukraine has been relying on a US-developed doctrine that involves both the military and civilians taking part in defensive activities, CNN reported on Saturday.

The Resistance Operating Concept (ROC), which is said to provide a blueprint for smaller states to counter larger powers, was developed in 2013 in response to Russia’s conflict with Georgia in 2008. It was further enhanced after Crimea’s “nearly bloodless” reunification with Moscow in 2014, which “stunned Ukraine and the West,” CNN said.

The ROC represents “an innovative and unconventional approach to warfare and total defense,” and guides the actions not only of the Ukrainian military, but also the civilian population.

It’s all hands on deck in terms of the comprehensive defense for the government of Ukraine,” explained retired Lt. Gen. Mark Schwartz, who was in charge of Special Operations Command Europe during the development of the concept. “They’re using every resource and they’re also using some highly unconventional means by which to disrupt the Russian Federation military.”

Schwartz said it was “just incredible to watch… despite the unbelievable loss of life and sacrifice, what the will to resist and the resolve to resist can do.”

Hey – I agree with that!

What are they resisting though? No one even knows. Non-democracy, I guess. Like, these people are really devoted to being completely powerless in a state totally controlled by Jews, where they’ve got anal marches, child trannies, and mass nonwhite immigration.

“I may not want to cut my dick off, but I will fight to the death for the right of single mothers to cut their sons’ dicks off.”

Explosions at Russia’s military facilities in Crimea – far from the front line in Donbass – earlier in August were signs that the ROC had been in play, claimed Kevin D. Stringer, a retired army colonel who led the development team for the concept.

Kiev never officially confirmed its involvement in the incidents, but CNN said it saw a Ukrainian government report confirming that it was behind them.

Russia said the blasts at its Saki airfield in western Crimea were the result of an accident, while an ammunition depot in the north of the peninsula had been targeted in an “act of sabotage.”

“Since you can’t do it conventionally, you would use special operations forces, and those [forces] would need resistance support – intelligence, resources, logistics – in order to access these regions,” Stringer said, explaining the alleged actions by Kiev.

Civilian resistance under the ROC includes nonviolent actions such as boycotting public events, labor strikes, and even using satire and jokes as means of resistance. Violent actions, like using Molotov cocktails, arson and putting chemicals in gas tanks to sabotage enemy vehicles, are also part of the concept.

So, actually, at first, it sounds like they’re just talking about partisan terrorism.

But actually, they’re talking about systematically arming the civilian population, and trying to do an Afghanistan thing, where instead of Russians fighting the Ukrainian military and their US PMCs, they’re fighting the civilian population.

I’ve written about this a lot – the Ukraine is not Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, you have this ancient culture, which is more or less the diametric opposite of Western culture, being invaded by a completely foreign power. In the Ukraine, most of the population views itself as Russian or vaguely Russian adjacent, especially the peasant population. Plus – and this is important – their religion is Russian.

You’re not going to get them fired up to fight like the Afghans or the Iraqis. It’s just not going to happen. And the fact that the Pentagon thinks this could happen just shows that they have no idea what they are talking about. Yes, obviously, this was a good strategy to defend Afghanistan from Russian invasion. But the Pentagon thinking they can just copy-paste that is goofy, and shows they’re living inside an echo chamber and refusing to consult people with knowledge of the cultural dynamics.

Furthermore, if this was going to happen, it already would have happened. This has been going on for six months. When the Iraqi National Guard fell, basically every dude in the country between the ages of 12 and 72 picked up a rifle and started shooting at US soldiers.

“A professional military can’t win a war against a civilian population without committing genocide” is not some kind of brilliant new observation.

Fighting for your homeland, your culture, your religion, your entire way of life – it’s a lot different than fighting over which bureaucrats are going to control your local government offices.

Aside from the privileged middle class in Kiev, and satanic neo-Nazi groups, no one cares about this Russian invasion, other than the obvious fact that it is a hellish nightmare. Nothing about the life of the average person would change if Russia were in charge, other than that their quality of life would go up by 2 or 3 fold over the course of 4-5 years.