The Truth About Trannies Revealed by Reddit Trannies

I think this should have been obvious from the beginning, but trannies don’t actually want to be trannies – they want to be women.

Obviously, they can’t be women; the only thing they can be is mutilated freak men.

Telling them they can be women is just deranged. Instead, these people should be getting counseling, having it explained to them that they can’t be women ever, and they need to learn how to be men.

This is from reddit’s r/MTF board:

This is mental illness.

We all know it is mental illness.

Instead of treating this mental illness, we are instead indoctrinating children into developing this mental illness, inducing it in them through brainwashing and a rewards system.

Can you imagine being the rest of the world and watching this?

What do you think people in Africa or China think when they see American schools teaching children to be homosexuals?