The Science Wants to Start Mass Vaccinating Wildlife Next

The vax agenda is an agenda to destroy the concept of natural life by altering everyone’s DNA.

I recently saw Anthony Fauci on with that sickening Jew bitch Rachel Maddow, and he was saying that all of these alleged “new viruses” are coming from animals.

What a smarmy piece of shit that guy is.

He’s just a talking head for the agenda, and the agenda is saying that animals are the problem, so we’re going to mutate the DNA of all life on earth.

By their own account, mutating DNA does not stop the spread of viruses. They say now that humans should take these genetic engineering shots because it will lessen the symptoms (there is no way to prove that). But why would you lessen the symptoms of animals, according to this reasoning?

According to this reasoning, you’d prefer if the animals died of the virus, so they didn’t spread it to other animals and then spread it to humans.



Whether we choose to fully acknowledge it or not, we are living in a so-called “era of pandemics,” as experts have described it.

Outbreaks of zoonotic diseases – those caused by the spilling over of a virus from an animal to a human, like COVID-19 and monkeypox – are likely to emerge more often in the future, spread more rapidly and do more damage to the world than coronavirus did, according to a team of scientists who raised the alarm in 2020 with a major report.

The reason is our exploitative, invasive approach to the planet, which has led us to eat away at the land once dominated by wildlife, destroying biodiversity and forcing animals to find shelter and food somewhere else, often closer to humans.

This increased contact between wildlife and humans is a powder keg that could explode at any moment in outbreaks of several new, deadly diseases, experts warn.

But as not even the impending collapse of our climate can induce humanity to make a significant, immediate change in the way we treat our planet, some scientists are looking at what other solutions are available to avoid a future catastrophe.

Two biologists at the University of Idaho in the US have raised the question: if we know where these diseases might come from, why not act on their sources and vaccinate wildlife against these diseases?

How do we vaccinate wildlife?“There are many ways you can go about vaccinating wildlife” Scott Nuisner, a Professor of Biological Sciences and one of the authors of a study on the topic first published in Nature, Ecology & Evolution in 2020, told Euronews Next.

“We already do this actually in North America and Europe to control rabies,” he explained.

“For instance, in North America, we vaccinate raccoons against rabies by dropping vaccines that are in edible baits across the landscape, out of planes or helicopters. And the raccoons eat it and they become vaccinated against rabies. And, of course, that protects us and our livestock and our pets”.

This solution has proven quite successful but Nuisner specified that, for it to work, you must have the right resources available – funds to fly helicopters around and pay for the baits – and a species that’s “long-lived”.

“Raccoons are short-lived from our perspective, but they’re very long-lived relative to something like a rodent,” Nuisner said.

“If you vaccinate them, then that immunity sticks around for a while, whereas if you were to vaccinate something like a rodent population that might carry an infectious disease like Hantavirus or Lassa virus or any number of other nasty things, it’s really hard to do because you vaccinate them using those kind of conventional baits, and you get decent immunity in the population, but they reproduce so rapidly that within a short amount of time the immunity you’ve established is washed out”.

This problem led scientists to look for a vaccine that, instead of being administered directly to wildlife, could move from animal-to-animal.

Transferable and self-disseminating vaccinesScientists have proposed two alternative ways of vaccinating wildlife: creating transferable vaccines and transmissible ones.

A transferable vaccine is applied directly on the skin or fur of the animal, who’s then returned to its colony.

“So, that when its friends groom it, lick it, clean it – in a behaviour called allogrooming that’s common amongst many different kinds of mammals – that vaccine moves to the next animal,” said Nuisner.

“There’s nothing different about that vaccine than what we already use. It’s not capable of self-replication; it’s just that the way you apply it allows it to move from one animal to the other”.

According to Nuisner, that’s something we can do right now and that people like Daniel Streicker, a disease ecologist at the University of Glasgow, have been already testing.

In 2017, Streicker and his team travelled to Peru to test transferrable vaccines for rabies on vampire bats.

This is just wild nonsense.

They can literally say any nonsense they want and then say “science.”

It’s the exact thing they accuse Christians of having done when Copernicus said the earth was not the center of the universe (or whichever other goofy example).

Actually, it’s much worse. The Church didn’t have an explicit obligation to astronomy. These people claim to have an explicit obligation to health, and then they make up this gibberish that is obviously destroying the world.