The Science Claims That STDs are Raging Out of Control

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The Guardian:

Sharply rising cases of some sexually transmitted diseases, including a 26% rise in new syphilis infections reported last year, are prompting US health officials to call for new prevention and treatment efforts.

“It is imperative that we … work to rebuild, innovate, and expand (STD) prevention in the US,” said Leandro Mena of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a speech on Monday at a medical conference on sexually transmitted diseases.

Infections rates for some STDs, including gonorrhea and syphilis, have been rising for years. Last year the rate of syphilis cases reached its highest since 1991 and the total number of cases hit its highest since 1948. HIV cases are also on the rise, up 16% last year.

An international outbreak of monkeypox has further highlighted the nation’s worsening problem with diseases spread mostly through sex.

David Harvey, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors, called the situation “out of control”.

Officials are working on new approaches to the problem, such as home-test kits for some STDs that will make it easier for people to learn they are infected and to take steps to prevent spreading it to others, Mena said.

Another expert said a core part of any effort must work to increase the use of condoms.

“It’s pretty simple. More sexually transmitted infections occur when people are having more unprotected sex,” said Mike Saag, an infectious disease expert at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Syphilis is a bacterial disease that surfaces as genital sores but can ultimately lead to severe symptoms and death if left untreated. New syphilis infections plummeted in the US starting in the 1940s when antibiotics became widely available. They fell to their lowest ever by 1998, when fewer than 7,000 new cases were reported nationwide. The CDC was so encouraged by the progress it launched a plan to eliminate syphilis in the US.

But, by 2002, cases began rising again, largely among gay and bisexual men, and they kept going. In late 2013, CDC ended its elimination campaign in the face of limited funding and escalating cases, which that year surpassed 17,000.

By 2020, cases had reached nearly 41,700 and they spiked even further last year, to more than 52,000.

The rate of cases has been rising, too, hitting about 16 per 100,000 people last year. That’s the highest in three decades.

Rates are highest in men who have sex with men, and among Black and Latinos and Native Americans. While the rate for women is lower than it is for men, officials noted that it has been rising more dramatically, up about 50% last year.

In the Middle Ages, the church would shut down the brothels because of syphilis. That would happen maybe once per decade, then the disease would clear out in a few years, and hookers could go back to work.

That is before condoms, it’s before antibiotics that cure all STDs. It’s also before puritanism, when there were many more dudes going to the brothel and having no-condom sex with hookers.

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At the same time as we blame the homos, we must wonder if this is really any problem at all for non-homos. I don’t support pre-marital sex, as a rule, but pre-marital sex with no condoms is not a big deal, because the girl will get pregnant and then be forced to get married.

It’s clear that this whole “war on STDs” thing has been a big scam to stop teenagers and young adults from having sex, because the Jews are trying to put a clampdown on breeding. The fags really are riddled with disease, but how much of that spreads to the heterosexual population? Maybe it is spreading more now, because perverts who normally have sex with women are now sodomizing trannies. But I doubt it’s a major increase.

Personally, I would tell someone to not have sex for religious reasons, if they are compelled, but I would never tell someone not to have sex for fear of disease. If you actually do get a disease, it clears up with antibiotics. Viruses are a hoax in the first place.