The Perils of White Privilege on Display in Texas

White privilege is a big boon for whites. It would be hard to list off the total benefits of this status. As a small example, white privilege protects you from the ever-looming threat of microaggressions, a type of secret telepathic message that can hurt your feelings.

However, along with all of the extreme benefits white privilege provides, there is also some tiny risk. For example, this could happen to your son in the bathroom at school:

While that may look nasty, we all know that being brutally beaten for being white does not compare to the emotional pain that a person can suffer as a result of systemic racism and microaggressions. Furthermore, evidence shows that white people deserve to be beaten randomly by black people because of the role they played in slavery, colonialism, and above all, the Holocaust.

Despite deserving it, whites try to twist things to make it as though they are the victims of the blacks. The only solution is to outlaw whites complaining about being beaten.

The punishment for complaining about being beaten by blacks must be strict: whites who complain about being beaten by blacks must be beaten by blacks.

The kid in the above video, from Beaumont, Texas, is proved to have been white, and thereby deserving of the beating. Yet somehow, people on the internet are claiming that the blacks who did the beating were in the wrong.

It’s time for those who believe in democracy to stand up against white people and their complaints.

Democracy is our values, and it’s who we are in a rules-based order. But it is useless to be fighting the Russians for democracy in the Ukraine if we are unwilling to fight our own Russians here at home: white people.

The Department of Homeland Security has proved through statistics that any whites who complain about being beaten by the blacks are in fact domestic terrorists. Watch out when you see whites being beaten and robbed on the street or in public bathrooms, and if they complain, please immediately report them to Joe Biden’s special federal police, so that they can be stopped before they engage in a terroristic campaign of saying that blacks shouldn’t beat them.

Thankfully, cops are now taking a stand against complaining whites, and refusing to pursue people who attack whites.

But simply not pursuing the blacks who do the attacks is not enough. We need the cops to come after the whites who complain, and arrest or kill them.

Whites caused these problems. They did microaggressions, they did the Holocaust. Now it is time for them to pay the price – and the blacks are bringing equity to our democracy.