The People Telling You Not to Vote for Trump Because He was a Bad Daddy are Evil

I do remember when I was saying, “the Democrats are going to pack the court if they get elected, they’re already saying it in the New York Times, if the Democrats win the presidency, nothing that Donald Trump has done is going to matter, they are going to create a totally new form of totalitarian government.”

People were telling me, “nah, Anglin, it don’t be like that. It’s a bad time, but it be like it do, ain’t that.”


I frankly don’t understand why they’re saying this publicly. But there they are.

Frankly, to tell you the absolute truth, the fact that they’re taking off the mask and saying this in public is the scariest part of all.

They are just openly telling you, “we are going to form a completely new type of government, right in front of you. We will create a chaos, where all of your old guarantees will be gone.”

If Democrats win this election – or any future presidential election for that matter – it is a full-on “GAMER OVER” screen for all of us.

Right now, there are people in comments sections saying that they are not going to vote for Trump, they want Kamala to win, because they are sad that Trump is pro-Israel (or whatever). These are either literal FBI agents and Jews, or they are twisted, evil morons.

Understand that: stupidity is evil. So often we are taught by the Jewish media that actually, the bad guys are smart people, but the truth is, intelligence tends to correlate with high morality. Yes, there are “diabolical geniuses,” that’s a thing that exists, but there is no real such thing as a “moral moron.” Stupid people are usually always bad people, given that they are impulsive, selfish and abusive, and they don’t listen to people who are smarter than them, because they are too self-centered to acknowledge how stupid they are.

You are not going to see some peasant uprising if Trump loses. There has never been a successful peasant uprising in all of human history. It is not a real thing. If the Democrats win this election, they are going to take absolutely everything from us, they are going to lock up all pro-whites, they’re going to take your kids and forcibly inject them with tranny hormones, they’re going to burn down the churches, they’re going to flood the country with so many brown people that you won’t be able to move around. They’re going to immediately abolish the First and Second Amendments, arrest dissidents and confiscate guns. They’re going to completely destroy the economy and ensure that the only thing that exists is a mass of poor people and a tiny elite ruling class. There will be no illusions, no pretension of fairness. They will start massive wars with Russia and China, and virtually all young white men (probably middle aged ones too) will be sent to die in a grinder that will last decades. Then, you’re going to live with that situation until you die.

Ask one of these people why they believe that the most soyed-out, the most stupid and brainwashed, the fattest population in all of history will be the very first one to throw a successful peasant revolution. They will not give you an answer. They will change the subject, or just keep talking about how Trump loves Israel and you’re a cuck if you don’t vote for Kamala. Most of them will just quickly disappear.

Neo-Nazis and feds shill this on the Gamer Uprising forum, constantly, to try to touch the soft-minded.

This guy posted the exact form of what I’m talking about:

I responded to him:

Then I noted that he wasn’t responding, and he responded with a post saying he was going to respond, some day:

Two weeks later and that is the last post on his account. They cannot explain this. They are unable to.

Most of these people are insulated from criticism by Twitter, which bans anyone who supports Trump, up to and including absolute boomers like Bill Mitchell, but allows the lead organizer of Charlottesville to post unmolested.

Richard Spencer won’t explain why he’s encouraging his followers to vote for Biden, because no one is able to ask him. This is the same for the rest of the neo-Nazi movement, which operates on Twitter and refuses to engage in any form of debate with anyone, ever, because they can’t risk that their small group of low IQ followers be exposed to something that actually makes sense.

The entire former “Alt-Right,” which is now just a buffoonish neo-Nazi movement, is promoting this. Their mask is off too, and they’re operating with the same boldness as the Democrats, not even pretending anymore.

Basically, the argument that the neo-Nazis put forward is supposed to appeal to people who were raised by single mothers and have the spirit of a woman in them and harbor intense anger toward their fathers. I’m serious. They say, “he said he would be there for us – he wasn’t there for us! He is bad!” It is a pure appeal to the children of single mothers. They’re certainly not going to allow themselves to be called out on that and be put in a situation where they have to explain it.

When Richard Spencer was on The Ralph Retort last time, he refused to take questions from the audience. They are pushing it that far now. He could easily deflect any question with a joke, as he has for years when confronted by commenters on the Ralph show, but now he’s refusing to even take questions at all. (By the way, I don’t blame Ralph for agreeing to those terms; he is a neutral interviewer, and his main job is simply to let the guest speak. Spencer exposes himself for what he is by just talking.)

Do not get caught up in that garbage. And please, note anyone that you see saying this. Even if they aren’t feds, they are evil people, who cannot be taken seriously. In fact, if I was someone out there saying this, I would hope people thought I was a fed, as it would be less embarrassing.

Most of you probably haven’t even seen anyone doing this, and that’s lucky, but there is enough of it going around that I feel the need to comment on it, so that anyone who reads this site understands just how devious this is, and makes sure to get out there and vote.

We have to win this election.

If we don’t, it is going to be a very, very hard road ahead.