The Most Dangerous Countries in 2020 are African, The Safest are European

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2019

Importing refugees from the world’s worst places doesn’t really solve the problem because people in those ugly places continue to suffer.

The solution is to export the magic soil of white countries to the rest of the world.

We could even sprinkle the magic dust using planes.

Daily Mail:

Libya and Somalia are the most dangerous places on earth for 2020, according to a new map designed for travellers that alerts them to risks abroad.

The interactive ‘Travel Risk Map’ reveals the countries where people are most likely to have trouble when it comes to road safety, security and medical matters.

The safest places have been labelled as Finland, Norway and Iceland – all Nordic countries.

The map has been launched by international medical and security specialists International SOS.

Libya and Somalia both rank lowly in each of the three categories along with Afghanistan and Venezuela, meaning they are the most dangerous.

In contrast, Norway, Finland and Iceland are all labelled as having a low risk of medical problems, security and road safety issues, meaning they are the safest – along with the likes of Sweden and Greenland.

When it comes to health, countries with the highest risk of contracting medical issues or disease include African nations Niger, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, South Sudan, Eritrea and the Central African Republic.

Yemen is also was also labelled a high risk country when it came to health along with Syria and North Korea

At the opposite end of the ranking, places with a low risk of disease are most of those in Europe, Canada, the US, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea and Japan.

For security, researchers evaluated the threat posed to travellers by political violence (including terrorism and insurgency), social unrest and violent and petty crime.

Countries with an extreme risk to travellers’ safety include Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, Libya and parts of Nigeria.

Places, where security risks are deemed insignificant, are Norway, Greenland, Finland, Iceland, Switzerland and Slovenia.

When it comes to road safety, the countries besides those in Africa that pose the greatest risk include Venezuela, Belize, the Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Most of Europe is ranked as having a low risk, along with Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

This is obviously because white people did evil stuff to people of color once in the past and the consequences of that evil keep reverberating through time. You know, colonialism and stuff. Thanks to white people’s evil, white people are now enjoying themselves while the people of color of the world continue to suffer.

I mean, just look at Egypt. Before blacks got in contact with whites, they had pyramids and shit. They were kings and shit. They were Cleopatra and stuff.

They were Romans and shit, they were British and shit.

They even were Achilles and shit.

The moment white people appeared though… all of that changed and people of color turned into what you can see today.

Because whites are evil.