The Media is Now Asking the Government Why Russia is Winning So Hard

At the G7 fiasco, Jake Tapper this week questioned his kinsman Antony Blinken on why Vladimir Putin and Russia are winning so hard.

Blinken… did not have great answers.

Then, some bitch on CNN asked Ursula von der Leyen why Russia is winning so hard. She had equal difficulty answering the questions.

These are very funny clips.

The media is the media of the regime, but at some point, the media has to comment on the fact that the Ukraine is losing harder and harder every day, and there is like, obviously zero chance that the Ukraine is somehow going to “turn it around” and start retaking territory.

The government is now so ridiculous that not even the media can take them seriously.

This is happening all over now. I’m just giving you two high profile examples. If you turn on the media, these people just keep getting asked “yeah but why is Russia winning tho?”

It’s no longer deniable, and the whole thing just looks like a circus show.