The Media has Changed Its Mind About Masks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 3, 2020

A month ago, the Jew media said face masks won’t help and you shouldn’t use them.

CNN, March 2, 2020:

Now, they’re saying that they actually do help and you should use them.

CNN, April 2, 2020:

“Shucks! We didn’t know blocking the respiratory conducting passages could help to prevent respiratory infection – we thought it would make it worse! Well, it turns out we were wrong about that, and we’re really sorry.”

The Surgeon General – who is black – was saying this, but since when does CNN just print talking points directly from the Trump Administration officials? Apparently, the only reason the Surgeon General was saying this was that they thought they were going to run out of masks, and our country is that incapable of managing anything.

And this is the one time they decided not to be critical of statements from this administration?

They literally fact check memes he posts. They fact checked that dog medal meme, among others. The New York Times itself did 600 words on the meme being “fake.”

This would be like… well, you know what it would be like.

There is not one single thing this administration does that the media doesn’t attack and question, even if it makes sense.

And you’re seriously telling me they couldn’t look into whether or not filtering air intake lowers the risk of respiratory infection?

That is what you want me to believe?

What exactly was going on here?

Were they trying to cause an outbreak? 

With as many articles as they wrote specifically telling people not to wear them, it very much looks like that’s what they were trying to do.

I wrote a good piece about how completely insane it was that they were telling people to panic but to not wear masks, and I showed that every single major media outlet told people not to wear them.

I don’t even believe that the Coronavirus is different from the flu, but masks are a very easy solution to reducing the spread of the flu, whatever you choose to call it. They also have the psychological effect of making people feel like they’re doing something to protect themselves without completely destroying the entire country. It’s a very good protocol for people who are vulnerable to the virus, or people who are prone to worry.

Or just women who want to feel sexy.

Or for that matter, women who want to feel cute.

The fact that the media either purposefully lied to you about this or is so dangerously incompetent that they actually think there is a way to wear a paper or cloth mask wrong and that it increases your chances of getting a respiratory infection should make them a hated laughing stock who people assume are incapable of giving accurate information.

But no.

Instead, we’re continuing to follow off a cliff into oblivion with this stupid hoax.