The Face of Things to Come: US Military Will Use Chinese-Made Drones, Despite “Hacking” Rhetoric

This is a seemingly meaningless story that speaks to a bigger issue.

I’ll hit you with the scope after the facts…!


After years of spying allegations and restrictions, the Pentagon has allowed the military to use two Chinese-made drones. The move has already stirred controversy.

A recent Pentagon report seen by the Hill found “no malicious code or intent” in two drone models manufactured by Da Jiang Innovations (DJI), a Chinese company and one of the world’s foremost drone makers. The report, dated May 6 and reported on Tuesday, concludes that DJI’s drones are “recommended for use by government entities and forces working with US services.”

Almost 80% of all drones used in the US and Canada are made by DJI. However, the US government has been suspicious of the devices for several years. The US Army stopped using them in 2017, and two years later the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warned US firms against using them, claiming they gave the Chinese Communist Party “unfettered access” to user data.

The Pentagon heeded the DHS’ warning, and grounded all of the military’s 500 DJI drones last year, while the Department of Commerce added DJI to its economic blacklist, along with dozens of other Chinese technology companies. The blacklisting also came after DJI donated drones to 43 US law enforcement agencies at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, sparking espionage concerns among ‘tough on China’ politicians and analysts.

DJI is not the only Chinese firm dogged by accusations of espionage. Tech giant Huawei found itself blacklisted by the Trump administration, while the Pentagon banned the sale of its phones, along with those manufactured by ZTE, on military bases. Huawei has consistently denied funneling information to the Chinese government, as have ZTE and DJI.

The Jew-lover and neocon lunatic Rick Scott is out there whining.

He had previously introduced a bill against this that is also backed by the Democrats. They might pass it now that the Pentagon published this. But there are bigger issues.

Firstly, the “hacking” and “espionage” “concerns” are either dishonest or just total boomer nonsense. Huawei is the most obvious example: the US government is claiming that China will use those phones to spy on people, but they don’t ever explain how. The phones run a version of Android. After Google was banned from running on Huawei, China developed their own Android from Google code.

The drones probably run Android as well (I could go try to look that up, but it probably wouldn’t be totally straightforward.)

Furthermore, the US government has raised outrageous spying allegations that make no sense. They’ve said that China is using TikTok to spy on American teenagers. Why would China want to spy on American teenagers? Is the suggestion that they are looking for jailbait imagery? What is even the discussion here?

So the whole parameters of the “Chinese equipment will hack us” theory are unclear.

However, they are saying this. And yet, here we are: the US military cannot source drones from anywhere other than China. They stopped using Chinese drones in 2017, and now four years later they’re going back to them because in that time period no Western company filled the gap. They obviously put money into it – but got no results.

This is the issue: America relies on China for a whole endless number of things, because China is a better country than America. Period. America is destroying its own creative base and its own workers. Maybe you saw it: Lockheed Martin is doing some kind of bizarro race indoctrination.

Tucker Carlson reported on it last week.

This is one of America’s biggest aerospace, arms and security manufacturers, which contracts extensively with the military. They are trying to run intelligent white men out of their company.

Chinese companies do not give instructions to their engineers saying that it is evil to be Chinese and they should be ashamed. But I can guarantee you: if China started doing that, the value of their companies would drop, and they would stop producing at the same level.

Why would an intelligent person work at Lockheed Martin and be degraded like this? Why would anyone want to defend America, or work for America, when they are being told that America is evil and they are personally evil?

(This is from the Trump 2016 campaign, but it shows an Asian view on race guilt.)

The answer is: for the money. There is no other reason you would do it. There is no value system, no identity, no patriotic sentiment – all of that has been destroyed over the last few years.

If it’s only about money, then why not go into finance? I can pretty much promise you that Wall Street will be the last place to start requiring employees to do race reeducation seminars. An intelligent person is an intelligent person, and they can go into engineering or finance. If you’re looking at the two options, and the only motivating factor is money, why not skip out on being race shamed?

What’s more, it goes beyond just the workplace: the American government is running programs to actively attack our own children, to teach them to hate themselves. Then they are promoting the use of the solution to self-hatred, which is drugs.

You are not going to have a productive country when you are doing this sort of thing. No one actually believes that Lockheed Martin is going to replace its white engineers with blacks and Pakistanis. The only people they could even in theory replace their workforce with are Asians, and Japanese and Koreans don’t really want to come, and all the Chinese that will come are going to be spies (or at least de facto spies loyal to the motherland).

China is instilling nationalism in their people and they are promoting masculinity in boys and men. They are reinforcing the family. They are protecting children. They are giving their workers something to work hard for. Sure, they get paid well – and are able to use that money to live in a comfortable environment, unlike the rich in America, who still have to drive through homeless camps and black neighborhoods. But the Chinese system also gives their men families to work for and a national ideal to follow.

What this means is that America cannot forever run on steam from the old empire, when the social order was still functioning. Drones are a good examples, because this is a new technology. There is no one to make this new tech. Sure, there are still people to work on jets – but Boeing isn’t doing great, is it?

What happened was that the people who control the world – the globalists, if you will – thought that China was going to become an anal democracy run by women and join them in the globalist project. That’s why all of this money was poured into China. They were promising reforms and so on. Then, all of a sudden here comes Xi Jinping, who has really established himself as a philosopher king, filling the role of emperor, and China is no longer onboard with the program.

Meanwhile, the US and the rest of the West have gone ahead with a plan to destroy white people by totally humiliating them and destroying their families with feminism, homosexuality, drugs, atheism and so on.

What this means, right now, is that the US is in a situation where they either have to act fast and bring down China, or they just get totally destroyed on the global stage.

America is going to stop functioning. The government just did this massive flu hoax to attack their own population. China didn’t do that. Wuhan, where the virus was supposed to have come from, was having fun pool parties almost immediately after the United States had started completely dismantling the entire society to “fight the virus.”

This was mid-August in the place where “the deadly coronavirus” allegedly “emerged”:

(Number one thing the Chinese have to be aware of there is letting those sluts into bikinis – but I’m sure they’re studying that issue and will address it logically. They recently cracked down on feminists because they said they were anti-family and anti-family is anti-China. Also, most of the girls you can see in those photos appear to be dressed semi-modestly.)

Basically, the US is on a clock, where they either have to attack China or China wins the game and runs the world as a merchant empire.

I’ve explained before that it is better for the populations of the West if China wins because they don’t have any interest in “ruling” America, but only want to sell people things. Even if they did want to rule America as overlords, it would be a lot better than what we have now, I can tell you that.

And this might happen: the US might just collapse over the next 15 years under the weight of all the trannies and diversity, and red states might start to refuse fed declarations and slowly move towards independence.

The boomers will be shocked to find that as this happens, the Chinese do not invade, but instead send people to build ports so they can ship in high quality goods at reasonable prices. (Here’s an analogy: boomers thinking China wants to invade and conquer America is like a tiger thinking an elephant wants to kill and eat it. But just because the elephant is big and strong, it doesn’t mean it is a predator, and in fact has its own agenda that is totally different. The tiger can’t grasp the concept, because he wants to kill and eat everything that is smaller than him.)

That is one potential path the world could go down. I think the “transhumanism” stuff is a delusion, and genetically-engineered and cyborg people are going to be insane and unstable, so I am fine with this future developing, and think it will lead to a glorious period of Sino-Friendship.

However, it is unlikely that the people who control the West will allow for this to happen. More than likely, they are planning to start a war with China. But again, that was not factored into the 100-year plan, because Xi Jinping and Chinese ultranationalism was not factored into the 100-year plan. So it looks very strange, and the elite look confused. It’s like they’re still in shock, almost.

But we shall see.

We shall most certainly see.