The Bitch has NO LEGS, OKAY???? SHUT UP!

If this was a just earth, they would have to do her official portrait as full body so that people could be reminded that THE WOMAN HAS NO LEGS – SHE STRAIGHT UP LOST THOSE BABIES IN IRAQ WHEN SHE WAS THERE CREATING A DEMOCRACY!

I think we were all probably and unfortunately exposed to the drama surrounding Tucker Carlson criticizing legless gook female Tammy Duckworth after the latter said it was time to start tearing down statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. I intended to write about it, but there’s always so much to do.

Basically, Tucker said that the woman is considered above criticism because she doesn’t have any legs, and hobbles around like Krang on bionic pegs. In fact, the similarities to Krang are stunning, and include not only the bionic legs, but the face as well.

Of course, the media responded by attacking Tucker, saying that you can’t ever criticize someone with no legs. Again: the response to “they’re telling me I can’t criticize this woman because she doesn’t have legs” was “you can’t criticize this woman – she doesn’t have any legs!”

What I didn’t realize is that CNN literally had the nerve to title a clip about the drama that they uploaded to YouTube “Senator who lost legs in Iraq hits back at Fox News host.”

They just refer to this woman as “woman without legs” and proceed to say you cannot disagree with anything she says due to the aforementioned leglessness.

It’s similar to the failed gun-grabbing psychological operation the media played on the country where they said no one is allowed to disagree with the crisis actor David Hogg because he’s “a child.”

The media loves developing these figures to push their agenda that can be framed as above criticism, and they would love Joe Biden to pick Tammy Duckworth as his running mate.

They would introduce her as “The Vice-Presidential Candidate Who Lost Legs in Iraq.”

If the team won, she would quickly become president as Biden falls apart, and they would say, “President Duckworth, who let me remind you HAS NO LEGS, gave a speech today explaining that white people should just be killed.”

Clearly, however, Duckworth is the wrong color. She’s a “person of color,” but she’s not black. This revolutionary energy is all about black people, and it is going to need to be a black female running mate. So, either Kamala Harris or Susan Rice, basically. I think Stacy Abrams is just too fat, stupid and black.

Furthermore, I think Duckworth could end up with an Obama birth certificate type situation. I actually never understood the Obama drama completely, because no one was arguing that Obama’s mother wasn’t an American citizen. Duckworth, however, claims to be a hapa with an American father and a Chinese mother. However, she does not look half white to me. She just looks like a typical gook. It’s pretty standard practice in Asia for white knights to marry a woman who is pregnant with a totally disappeared father, and then claim the baby as their own. White men have soft spots for pregnant women in need, particularly if it is a sad and helpless gook woman.

I doubt anyone would ever be able to force her to take a DNA test like Tomahawk Warren did, of course, but if she was subjected to the scrutiny of a VP candidate, I’m pretty sure someone from Fox News would have the wits to take a trip to Thailand, where she was born, and start tracking down some leads. Her real father would certainly be dead from alcoholism by now, but someone could probably find someone willing to talk, and at least get people to start demanding a DNA test. Elizabeth Warren set a pretty retarded precedent with that stunt.

But yeah, not being black is enough to disqualify her either way, but the fact that she appears to be lying about being half-white is interesting to me and I’m sure I’m not the only person who has noticed. People know what hapas look like, and they definitely don’t look like complete gooks like this bitch. In fact, many of them could easily pass as white, like Keanu Reeves.

But hey – let’s just do some comparisons with half-Asian women, just to get a good idea of the comparison here.

Kamiko Glenn is half Japanese, half white.

Lindsey Price is half Korean, half white.

Jennifer Tilly is half Chinese, half white and half gigantic tits that I don’t think are even fake.

Phoebe Cates is half Chinese-Filipino and half white.

Alexa Chung is half Chinese, half white.

Musician Karen O is half Korean, half white.

Kristin Kreuk is half Chinese, half white.

Olivia Munn is half Chinese, half white.

Most of these women look more or less white. You know when it’s pointed out. But some of them you probably have seen before and it didn’t phase you. Even if you didn’t mistake any of them for fully white, you wouldn’t mistake any of them for fully Asian.

Compare any of them to the odious toad-like visage of the round-headed, pan-faced, total slit-eyed, yellowy-skinned angry Chinese doom-granny that is Tammy Duckworth.

Look at the flatness of her nose and the breadth of her nostrils.

Is there anyone who wouldn’t mistake her for fully Asian? Is there any hapa on earth other than Tammy Duckworth who appears, visually, to be pure Asian? I lived in Asia when I was young, and most of the whites there were old, so I ended up hanging out with large groups of hapas. They have their own groups. I’ve met literally hundreds of them in real life. I have never in my life met one who could be mistaken for fully Asian.

I’m sorry, but I simply don’t buy the idea that this legless woman’s father is actually white.

Furthermore, and this is something I want to make perfectly clear: I don’t care that her legs are blown off and actually, I think it’s funny.