The Bidens Say Jews Should Murder Even More Palestinians

The Jews attacked Palestine this week, and the Palestinians responded by defending themselves with rockets.

These people are now apparently at war again. It’s obvious Israel started it and everyone knows they started it.

The Bidens are saying that Israel has a right to “defend herself” against Arab self-defense. They have a Jew ambassador for Jew Israel who says they should kill even more people.

Meanwhile, that fat piece of shit Ted Cruz, whose face looks soft but crispy like a loaf of bread, claimed that Joe Brandon isn’t doing enough for the Jews. Cruz also of course voiced extremist support for Jewish wars on Russia and China, also claiming that Biden doesn’t do enough for the Jewish neocons in America. The slippery weasel Cruz then claimed falsely that a bunch of countries Jews don’t like are evil.

This is the GOP position on all of Joe Biden’s warmongering: “I agree with Joe Biden even more than he agrees with himself, as a matter of true fact!”

The Biden entity is also getting support from Jewish website “Breitbart.”

Breitbart is just completely ridiculous – it’s more Jewish than most communist websites.

Three of the top four guys at Breitbart are Jews.

The left won’t even defend Palestinians any more because they’re too Jewish. Also, a lot of them are probably afraid of getting banned/canceled (proving that leftists know Jews control the media and social media).