The American Bullshit Industrial Complex is Failing to Sway the World

The American establishment believes that everyone on earth is as braindead as fat, vaxed, drug-addled, porn-addicted, negro-worshiping, homosexual Americans. They think they can just keep declaring themselves to be the center of morality in the universe, keep declaring that something is true simply because they said it.

Meanwhile, everyone in the world who isn’t a fat slob or a stupid slut is beginning to question these baseless and totally unfounded assertions.


Beijing, unlike the United States, is seeking peace in Ukraine, and it is up to the people to decide who is on “the right side of history,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Thursday, responding to Washington’s criticism of China’s stance on the conflict.

China has been heavily criticized by the US for its refusal to condemn the Russian offensive in Ukraine, as well as its cooperation with Moscow. On Wednesday, a US Department of State spokesperson accused Beijing of “still standing with Russia … echoing its propaganda … denying Russia’s atrocities in Ukraine” before saying that “nations that side with Vladimir Putin will inevitably find themselves on the wrong side of history.”

Remember: this is just hours after the Ukraine rained down missiles on residential buildings in Donetsk for no clear purpose beyond causing totally random destruction.

Shooting missiles at residential buildings you know for a fact have no military targets is the single purest form of war crime. Russia, on the other hand, has not committed any war crimes.

When the Ukraine fired on these residential buildings, I said “the US didn’t even do this in Iraq.” A Marine vet friend responded to this with the classic meme:

And I said that yes, America did bomb residential buildings in Iraq, but there’s a big difference between bombing an apartment building where soldiers are stationed and firing RPGs, and what the Ukraine did this week, which was fire long-range missiles at residential buildings and civilian infrastructure where they knew for a fact that there were no military targets.

Russia has also fired on residential buildings in the Ukraine, but they’ve all had military stationed in them, because like the Iraqis, Ukraine puts military installations in residential areas. All the way back in March, the Washington Post was dying in darkness, worried that Ukraine’s use of these tactics would mean it would be impossible to charge Putin with war crimes.

Read that article. This has come up repeatedly, though the media rarely highlights it – the West is constantly accusing Russia of war crimes, but all the experts admit this will be impossible because of the Ukrainians’ use of civilian infrastructure for military purposes.

The other “war crimes” all just turned out to be complete hoaxes, and actually more Ukrainian war crimes – the Mariupol theatre, the “Bucha massacre,” the bombing of the Donetsk train station – everyone knows at this point that these were false flags by the Ukraine forces, which is why they are not mentioned anymore. The media dropped all three of those stories after Russia was able to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that they didn’t do any of this.

China is not a bunch of soda pop sucking burger-chuggers high on Prozac, and they can assess all of this like normal people – like I am assessing it now. China also doesn’t have a completely censored media like the US has. No one in the world has a media as censored as the American media, other than North Korea. North Korea is literally the only example of a country with a media that is more strictly controlled than the American media.

Who do you think the rest of the world is going to side with?

“On the Ukraine issue, China has always independently assessed the situation on the basis of the historical context and the merits of the issue. We always stand on the side of peace and justice,” Wang Wenbin said.

He then compared China’s foreign policies with those of the US, and his results did not favor Washington. He said that while the US has been pushing NATO expansion eastward and bringing conflict “back to Europe,” China has been committed to dialogue and cooperation.

“Whereas the US has clamored for a fight ‘to the last Ukrainian’ and fueled the conflict, China has actively promoted peace talks and called on the world to enable negotiations, not fighting, to continue between Russia and Ukraine,” he said.

Again: this isn’t debatable.

There was no possible chance that “Ukraine” people could “win the war.” From the beginning, that was probably impossible, and it was definitely 100% impossible as soon as it became clear that the sanctions would not “collapse the Russian economy.”

But instead of yielding, the West has sent untold thousands of Ukrainians to die, caused the destruction of entire cities, for literally no reason anyone can understand.

And of course – this whole thing was started by the US throwing a color revolution in the Ukraine in 2014, overthrowing an elected government, and then rapidly militarizing the Ukraine.

These are all just facts that are not debatable. No one can seriously debate any of this, hence the totally controlled US media which just published insane nonsense.

After the Ukraine bombardment on residential buildings in Donetsk earlier this week, blue check American media outlets claimed that Russia was bombing itself.

This is the level of delusion and illusion we are dealing with, and no one who cares about truth or facts could ever go along with any of this nonsense.

And beyond the facts, you have to ask: what is the US doing that it needs to lie to this extent in order to promote mass murder? What are their actual goals? They can’t be good!

While the US has been rushing ahead with sanctions and pressure, Beijing has firmly opposed attempts to politicize the world economy, the Foreign Ministry spokesman argued, as “what has been achieved through international economic cooperation over the decades cannot be just wiped out.”

“People will come to their own conclusion as to who is on the right side. The US keeps claiming itself to be on the right side of history, but is it entirely confident when saying that? Maybe the US is just whistling in the dark,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the State Department spokesman’s remarks were, in turn, a reaction to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s statement. On Wednesday, Xi reiterated that China was “willing to work with Russia to continue supporting each other on their respective core interests concerning sovereignty and security.”

Since late February, when Moscow launched its military offensive in Ukraine, Russia has become the most sanctioned country in the world. The US, the EU, the UK and many other countries have imposed hard-hitting restrictions on various sectors of the Russian economy. Over the last three months, Washington has been trying to persuade China, India, and some other countries to follow the US’ lead in “punishing” Russia – without success, it seems.

Without any success, at all.

The US has far fewer allies now than they had when this stupid fake war started. The US has also wrecked its own economy, and boosted the Russian and Chinese economies. They’ve drastically drained their own weapons supply, with many of the weapons being captured by Russia.

This is all just ridiculous. The US has vastly overestimated its ability to lie and hoax the entire world. The West is building an iron curtain around itself, based on those who are willing to believe its absurd and nonsensical lies, and get behind the agenda of these lies, which is building a New World Order where a tiny global elite rules over a mass of vaxed-out peasant trash.

Many people don’t want to live in the world that the American elite are trying to build, and it has become impossible to deny what their long-term goals are.

We are already in a death spiral.

You will live to see the empire end – assuming you don’t die from “sudden adult death syndrome” in the near future.