The Alt-Right Firmly Supports Greta Thunberg

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 26, 2019

There has been an outpouring of support and sympathy for Greta Thunberg following her speech at the UN and all of her other recent shenanigans.

However, the fact of the matter is that we would not have Greta without the groundwork laid down by the Eco-Fascist movement that preceded her.

For those who do not know the backstory here, “Eco-Fascism” means fascism of ecology. The most famous eco-fascist is Brenton Tarrant, who cleared out Christchurch, New Zealand of an infestation of disgusting Islamics.

Few people acknowledge this Thunberg-Tarrant connection. But the truth must out. Greta has been a dues-paying member of the vast Alt-Right conspiracy group that made Hillary Clinton poop her pantsuit on stage and elected Vladimir Putin to be president of the United States.

Alt-Right White Nationalists have been very vocal in their support for her ever since she started making headlines:

Many of her recent appearances have had a very Faustian – or dare I say even a certain Dionysian – quality to them:  

Since her awakening and conversion to the Eco-Fascist cause, Greta has started channeling the spirit of Nazi pro-Gaia propaganda and applying it to modern environmental problems caused by Third World savages collaborating with Jewish megacorps to destroy the Earth’s forests.

This is being done deliberately to prevent the goyim from mounting a guerrilla Vietcong-style jungle resistance to the Jews when the time for Total Aryan Revolt comes.

Her latest speech at the UN was a crushing condemnation of the Jews and their sinister war against the planet, which is being waged to create massive, sprawling, multi-kulti favelas run by Jewish rent-collecting slumlords.

Prominent Conservative voices have pointed out the striking aesthetic similarities that Greta has with earlier Third Reich propaganda girls.

It’s all quite simple and the evidence outlining the ties that Greta has to the Alt-Right’s Eco-Fascist division is mounting.

Unfortunately, we had to cut ties with Greta on the Neon-Right because of her extremism – in particular, her very thinly veiled calls for blowing up government buildings, as well as her rumored affair with Anders Breivik, whom she’s allegedly made repeated visits to in his Norwegian prison.