That Bitch Shannon Done Burnt Up She Keeds in Da Crib

That bitch Shannon Blackson done burn up she keeds in she huzbans crib. Bitch ass cops sed she gone wildin cuz she man done did er grimy.

That shit happen down at Baton Rouge.

The bitch Shannon be 40 years. Bitch crash the car at the husband car when the husband ridin with he side bitch. Both they cars went at da same repair shop, where that nigga who be she husband is be work at. Shit happen April 2.

Bitch Shannon get she mama car, go da shop, she smash up she husband car and dip out.

After that bitch smash da car, bitch go she huzbins crib and burn da muthafuggah at 2 AM in da mornin.

Them niggas from da hood say dat bitch frew da molotob cocktell at dat crib, where she own chillens be slept. Dem keeds be 12 and 3 year.

She keeds get out da house n aint burnt up, but she plan is to burn dem niggas down. Dat nigga she huzbin aint edet be in da crib, bitch jus burn da keeds. Bitch them be yo own keeds, aint posta burnt da muffugguhs. What yo gon do like dat fo?

Dat nigga she husban be shown da bitch polees er tegzt message, said “fuck them kids” and “Dnt play wit me Play wit yo kids ? I’m gon win everytime.” She do it like dat, dey sed, wiff da smile face sed she gon burnt she keeds.

Fo long, dis bitch sents mo tegzt message sed, “when u hear u gon know did you see the news.”

That bitch Shannon come out to follow dat nigga again on April 20, but bitch poleez stel aint catch the bitch. They catch up with that bitch on April 26dt, put she in da jail, charge aggressib arson, terrorism and damage ta properdy.

If yall bitches aint gon care yo keeds, then what yo thank gon foit?

If yo nigga be gon fug dat oder bitch, may fo yo old ass shuld keep yo keeds n raise em up rite.

All yall no we gots a problems in da communidy, n u ass aint help nobody to be burnt yo own keeds up. Posta take care yo chillens, aint go burnt em up.

Buck up, bitch, dey is yo keeds.

Yall niggas gon roun be talgin bout white folk, aint no wite folk trayn ta burnt up yo keeds.

Shieet, bitch.

Apologies to WBRZ.