Texas: Intoxicated Beanager Crashes Into White Female Student, Keeps on Driving

Pedro Puga.

This beaner had places to be.

Why would he bother stopping for a white devil?


A Texas teen was arrested for hitting a woman with his car when driving drunk, according to police.

KAGS reported that around 2 a.m. Saturday, Pedro Puga, 17, was driving in College Station, Texas, when he hit a woman with his vehicle and kept driving, according to court documents.

WFAA reported that Puga hit Carlynn Beatty, a sophomore at Texas A&M.

Beatty was walking home with friends on campus when Puga hit her with his SUV. According to court documents obtained by KAGS, a witness told police Puga pulled into a parking lot and inspected his vehicle for damage. He then got back in his vehicle and continued to drive.

The vehicle was found parked at a gym, KAGS reported. When College Station Police Department officers confronted Puga, he said he would have outrun them had he not taken Xanax and cocaine earlier that day.

KBTX reported Beatty is in critical condition at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center in Houston. She has had four surgeries, WFAA reported.

Puga has been charged with intoxication assault, evading arrest and accident involving serious bodily injury. He was booked at Brazos County Jail Saturday and released the next day on bond, according to jail records.

Carlynn Beatty.