Taco Man Killed by Cops: “Illegals Have NO Constitutional Rights”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 30, 2019

You’d have rights if you’d stayed in Mexico, Pedro. Then, a cop randomly shooting you would have been ruled illegal – if only the judge didn’t get bribed, which he for sure would be.

One thing we’ve repeated over and over again here on the Stormer is that illegal invaders have absolutely no Constitutional rights.

In fact, they don’t even have any of those hoax “human rights” either, since they’re not legally human. They have no legal status at all. At best, they might qualify for animal protection laws, since – just like fauna – they don’t have any identification.

But even a dog can legally be shot if it attacks a cop. So the idea that cops can’t just shoot illegals whenever they want is absurd.

It’s a good thing a government body finally has the courage to state this obvious fact.


Two years ago, police officers arrived at a Mississippi home in the middle of the night to execute a warrant. But they knocked on the wrong person’s door, a commotion ensued, and they shot the homeowner in the back of the head, state investigators said.

Now, the city of Southaven has argued in a legal brief that the man, Ismael Lopez, was not protected by the US Constitution because he was an undocumented immigrant.

“It is the most absurd thing in the world,” Aaron Neglia, a lawyer for Lopez’s wife, told Insider. “What [they’re] saying is that because this man is undocumented, it’s okay to kill him?”

Yeah, that’s exactly right.

Now that that’s out of the way, nothing is stopping the people of America from making my favorite Carpenter Brut music video into a reality.

It’s not actually my favorite one, but you get my point.

And by the way, this is my favorite one:

Closely followed by this one:

But they’re all good, honestly.

Attorneys for Lopez’s family have filed a civil lawsuit over the shooting, and are seeking $20 million in damages for Lopez’s widow, Claudia Linares. They have argued that Lopez was the victim of one of the worst police shootings in recent memory — akin to Walter Scott, an unarmed black man who was shot in the back in 2015 while he ran from a white police officer.

But the city, the Southaven Police Department, and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation have alleged that the officers opened fire on Lopez after he pointed a .22-caliber rifle at them — an allegation Lopez’s lawyers deny.

Okay, so the cops just barged in on the wrong guy. And then what? They just shot him out of nowhere?

Who believes this?

He obviously went nuts and started getting violent before getting shot.

Anyway, none of that even matters – the cops can just shoot beaners on sight any time they want since – and this is now confirmed – they have no constitutional rights.


We can only pray that the case is brought up to the supreme court in order to confirm this once and for all.