Sweden: Government Wants to Ban Ghettos, Make Sure No White Areas Left

This is the same thing that Barack Obama was trying to do in America by moving Section 8 multi-family dwellings into suburban neighborhoods.

The insidious part is that the blacks or the browns don’t even want this. They want to live in their own ghettos. This is in some ways just as much of an attack on “minorities” as it is on white people. Obviously, the goal is to hurt whites, but it just proves that the people making these decisions (Jews in America, in Sweden probably mostly white women) don’t actually care about what colored people want. Colored people are purely a weapon to harm normal white people.

We have a lot of examples of that – defunding the police and releasing all these drug dealers from prison hasn’t exactly been a blessing for the negro community in America.


Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has stated she supports a proposal to reduce segregation by banning areas where non-Scandinavians are the majority of residents.

Prime Minister Andersson, whose Social Democrat Party which has controlled Sweden for nearly a decade and has worked tirelessly to bring migrants into the country, said she was in favour of breaking up de-facto segregated neighbourhoods. The plan had been outlined by Integration Minister Anders Ygeman during a newspaper interview late last month and echoes efforts in neighbouring Denmark where such areas are now being actively broken up and even demolished.

“I think it’s bad to have areas where the majority are of non-Nordic origin,” Ygeman said, while Statistics Sweden notes that around 80 per cent of those living in so-called “vulnerable” areas — known to many colloquially as ‘no go zones’ — come from foreign backgrounds.

“We Social Democrats have always stood for the fact that it is good to have mixed residential areas. Of course, it is also important that in residential areas in Sweden it is Swedish that is the main language,” Prime Minister Andersson told the newspaper Aftonbladet.

Andersson added that fewer non-Scandinavian residents in areas “could help reduce segregation. And that everyone who lives in Sweden also feels that you are part of Sweden, sees their parents go to work. This is how we can also ensure that young people are not drawn into crime.”

Ygeman’s proposal is something that was proposed in Denmark last year, with the government wanting to break up so-called ghetto areas and reduce the number of non-western residents to no more than 30 per cent in Danish neighbourhoods.

To give the benefit of the doubt: I guess you can see how people who are opposed to the Islamic ghettos would want to force the Moslems to integrate. But at what cost? Also, is it even possible?

France has been running various integration schemes for like, more than 60 years. It hasn’t really worked at all. Sure, some percentage of “French” Arabs have become metrosexual faggots, but even then, they hold a racial loyalty to their in-group.

There is no evidence that any kind of forced racial integration is possible. The only kind of racial integration that is possible is through miscegenation. The French government has actually admitted that.

“Race-mixing enriches society, consanguinity (breeding with your own people) destroys it.”

People flipped out. I condemned it at the time, and it should be condemned. But from a purely rational point of view, if you take the position that we can’t send these people back or at least like, enslave them, then the only practical solution is race-mixing. The other option is a boiling race war.

This, but literally everywhere