Sweden: Arab Who Lived in Refugee Center Arrested for Raping Swedish Woman

He was the first to rape her, and the last to be arrested.

For you see, two other vibrants also raped this woman that same night.

How Swedish is that?!

Fria Tider (Translation):

A 25-year-old immigrant is now arrested at Eskilstuna District Court for rape against a woman in Strängnäs 2015. Earlier, two other foreigners were also convicted of raping the woman on the same night – but on another occasion.

It was the night of August 23, 2015 that a woman was subjected to two rapes on Tosterön in Strängnäs. The woman was attacked on her way home from a tavern. She was then raped by an asylum seeker at Bert Karlsson’s asylum residence Hotell Mälarblick.

Shortly thereafter, the woman was once again raped by two other asylum seekers after she managed to escape from the first.

I’m gonna fuck you little Swedish girl, proclaimed one Arab before going to attack, according to the woman.

Later that year, two immigrants were convicted of rape and deportation, according to SVT Sörmland.

However, on the woman’s body there was sperm from another man.

It is the man who has now been arrested on suspicion of rape. His DNA should have been found in connection with his recent arrest for steering wheel driving in southern Sweden.

According to the arrest request, which Fria Tider has taken part in, it is also about an immigrant. He needs an interpreter in Arabic and is said to be born in 1994.

SVT writes that the man lived in a refugee residence when the rape was committed. However, he should then have succeeded in obtaining Swedish citizenship.