Survey: More Americans are Eating Less Meat Because Their Kids Told Them To

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 20, 2019

In Greta Thunberg’s Queendom of Eternal Climate Harmony, kids’ authority is supreme — so supreme, in fact, that kids are increasingly determining what their parents eat.

Study Finds:

Cheeseburgers, steaks, and hot dogs are synonymous with American cuisine, or at least they were at one time. According to a new survey of 2,000 Americans, if these dishes are a common part of your diet, you’re now in the minority. Less than half (47%) of the survey’s respondents said meat is a major part of their diet.

The survey, commissioned by Herbalife Nutrition, found that many Americans (23%) are adopting a “flexitarian” approach to eating. This means eating mostly vegetarian foods with the occasional inclusion of meat. Another 18% of respondents said they were fully vegetarian.

So, what’s fueling this shift in Americans’ eating habits? Among survey participants, flexitarians were the most likely group to say their food choices stemmed from trying to be more environmentally friendly (40%) or ethical (31%). Young people are also a factor; 36% of surveyed flexitarians said they adopted their new diet because their children encouraged them to do so.

Same old nonsensical arguments.

They talk about being environmentally friendly as if meat itself were the problem and not the industry and form of production. When these people talk about farting cows being bad for the planet, are they suggesting a Cow Holocaust? Should we just kill all cows? No? Then we can still have meat. Cows can eat grass, we don’t even need to feed them crops or whatever.

What’s up with adults taking dietary advice from kids though?

Would you take diet advice from Greta Thunberg, a vegan woman who is almost 17 and hasn’t gone through puberty?

All of this anti-meat stuff is based on flawed emotional arguments.

But, what about protein? For so many of us, meat is our primary source of protein, but the results of the survey make it clear there are plenty of other ways to build muscle. Among survey participants not regularly eating meat, 65% get most of their protein from shakes and protein bars, and 56% just eat other foods known to carry lots of protein like rice, beans, and soy.

Generationally speaking, millennials are the most likely age group to try out more plant-based foods, but across all ages more people than ever before are open to the idea.

I guess shakes and protein bars grow by eating grass too?

Imagine getting your protein from some flavored powder instead of an actual food, like meat.

Interestingly, the survey also noted that Americans living in the West (20%) and Northeast (19%) are the most likely to frequently eat “meatless” meat. Individuals from those areas were also found to be the most open to trying plant-based foods as well (51% in the West, 55% in the Northeast).

It’s clear that meatless meat is here to stay, with 70% of all respondents stating they believe it will continue to grow in popularity moving forward.

Of course, there will always be some resistant to change. For example, 16% of respondents said they “never” eat meatless meat. Perhaps, though, these respondents are so hesitant because they don’t know what is inside meatless meat. Less than half of respondents (45%) knew that meatless meat usually contains soy, and only 41% knew that wheat gluten is another common ingredient.

Yes, goy, eat your flavored goyfeed paste literally made out of soy and gluten and stop eating real foods because eating real foods and doing real things like having babies and building stuff changes the weather, and that is bad for the planet.