American Failure: Support for the Ukraine Democracy Hoax is Just About Finished

US official attempting to explain the strategy through which the Ukraine is going to win a war against Russia

This Ukraine war hoax is now officially too dumb for even stupid people to support it.

The US can only gain support for their pointless war through threats.


Ukraine’s latest proposal to condemn Russia has attracted the backing of just 58 out of 193 UN member states, a far cry from the number that symbolically supported Kiev in the General Assembly in March. 

Kiev’s envoy to the UN Sergey Kislitsa heralded the proposed resolution on Wednesday, following the Security Council meeting convened on Ukraine’s independence day. The session featured a video address by President Vladimir Zelensky, for which the council had to override protocol requiring in-person appearances, and a series of statements by Western governments denouncing Russia.

Moscow’s envoy Vassily Nebenzia provided the counterpoint by introducing evidence of Ukrainian atrocities into the record and even naming Kiev’s western backers as accomplices in specific instances.

Kislitsa’s resolution also fell short of the support Kiev had back in March, right after the start of the Russian military operation. At the March 2 General Assembly session,141 member countries – or 73% of the UN – voted for a nonbinding resolution to condemn Moscow.

Soon enough, they’re going to have to replace this hoax with a new hoax.

Probably, they will bring back the coronavirus hoax.

They have to keep people permanently hyped up with hoaxes. And people will obviously just keep believing them.

Remember Sean Hannity and Lindsey Graham calling for the CIA to assassinate Vladimir Putin for his infringements on Ukraine Democracy?

People will just keep believing dumb bullshit, forever.