Supermarket Shooting in Oregon – Only Two Killed

There has never been any study as to what causes mass shootings. The media just says that having a gun makes you into a murderous psychopath.

The government/media wants these shootings to happen to justify gun control.


Three people are dead after a shooting at the Forum shopping center in Bend, police confirmed late Sunday.

The Central Oregon Daily in Bend reported police responded to a shooting near the Safeway next to Costco along Highway 20.

The initial investigation showed “at least one shooter” was firing shots in the parking lot of the shopping center. That shooter went into Safeway through the west entrance and shot someone inside, who died. The shooter kept firing inside the store, “shooting and killing an additional person,” Bend police said.

A third person, “believed to be the shooter” was found dead by police inside the store.


Two isn’t very many.

This news is actually 36 hours old. It’s still the top news story on a lot of sites.

I don’t understand what is interesting or surprising about it. Everyone in the country has gone nuts, and the FBI is actively encouraging mass shootings by grooming people on the internet.

But it’s the usual. A bunch of women and Jews dancing around on corpses, demanding people surrender their ability to defend themselves against a totally out-of-control authoritarian government hellbent on killing them.